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Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 22, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription Part 2 (Modified by Linda Reichert)
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 14:30:42 EST

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 22, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 9

Volunteer Transcription - Part 2

[ page 1, column 2 ]

~ County Court ~

Accounts allowed:

E. BLACKWELL, Festus and Ste. Gene. road, $33.75

Aug. HEILIGTAG & Son, road mahy., $28.00

George CORNELL, imp., grub and work road, $77.48.

C. J. DAVIDSON, sup. Victoria and Festus road, $8.10

Green HEARST, auto livery $93.33.

Frank HUSKEY, Imp and Lemay and Cedar Hill roads, $133.40

John GENZLING, Lemay Ferry road, $29.40

John F. WILLIAMS, auto hire, $5.00

W. E. KIDD, Imp. Cedar Hill and Hillsboro road, $133.20

Seidler Roesch Merc. Co., Bd. Tools $86.05

Harris KING, blk smith wrk. $6.00

MILLER & BOREHERDING, Isle AuBois bridge, $34.52

E. F. WILSON, board eng. and crew $13.60

T. M. BOONE, sal. asst eng., $29.25

J. M. AGNEW, sal. asst. eng., $45.00

Harry D. GRIFFITH sal. eng. and In. $70.62

Austin Western Machinery Co., road plows $31.35

Val SPROCK, road dist 3, $15.00

~ Probate Court ~

Inventory and appraisement lists filed in the following estates:

Frances WILJECK, Michael CLOVER, V. PETRAN, Andrew SCHERER and Mary
RECHT all examined and approved.

Semi Annual Settlement filed in Estate of John Wm. BURDS.

John G. KOCH allowed $279.00 and Dr. Martin DALTON $44.50 against
estate of Frances WILJECK.

Adm. ordered to sell personal property of Michael CLOVER.

Will of V. PETRAN presented and admitted to probate and V. J. LEIGHT
appointed executor without bond.

Executor ordered to sell real estate under terms of will and to secure
some person to care for stock upntil day of sale.

John NAHLIK allowed $17.75 against estate of V. PETRAN.

Thos. HOLDMAN appointed curator of the HOLDMAN minors Alve, Alma and

The following claims were allowed against estate of Levi SCOTT:
R. COXWELL & SON $45.50, W. E. GIBSON M.D. $27.50, HAMIL MFG CO.
$24.80, DeSoto roller Mills $45.15, WALKER & COUCH $76.07.

Wills fixed and probated:

Marie RECHT and Xavier F. RECHT granted letters testamentary without

Andrew SCHERER and Lizzie SCHERER granted letters bond filed and

Leander MITCHELL will filed but not probated.

D. W. FARRAR allowed $6 and Louis HUSKEY $20 against estate of August

Fee bill of appellate court filed and classified in estate of Alex

~ High Ridge ~

Andrew HILGERT and Louie HUNNING are busy sawing wood. Each have a saw

Mr. Lizzie SCHAFER of Grubville visited with Mrs. Andrew MILLER Sunday.

Fred BONACKER attended the masquerade ball at House Springs Saturday.
On his way back to St. Louis he stopped here to visit his sister, Mrs.

The literary society meeting Friday was fairly well attended. The
question debated was: Resolved that the government should own and
operate the railroads. Those who debated were: Affirmatives, Arth??
H?RTH and Andrew HILGERT. Negatives, Roy LEE and Albert WALLACH. The
negatives won. The next debate will be Wednesday evening, February
28th. The subject for debate is: Resolved that money has more influence
upon mankind than education. Affirmatives: G. E. BONACKER, Andrew
HILGERT and W. J. CLOVER. Negatives are Mrs. BONACKER, W. J. HILGERT
and Albert WALLACH.

Jacob DEALS, well known here, died of LaGrippe in Eureka February 13,
and was interred in High Ridge cemetery February 15. He came to America
from Germany when a young man and lived in this community. He was about
37 [could be 87] years old.


James MURRY JR. was brought out to the County Bastile by Marshall POLK
of De Soto and lodged therein yesterday, pending a hearing on a charge
of burglary and larceny. He was suspected of being implicated in the
burglary of the Muse Mercantile Co., Monday night and the larcony of
about $26 in cash and some other goods. He admitted his guilt according
to Marshal Polk and implicated another boy who lives in St. Louis, but
who has been at DeSoto visiting him. The boy is only about 13 years

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