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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON COUNTY RECORD January 11, 1917 Part 9 (last) volunteer transcription
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 21:21:56 -0600


Volunteer Transcription - part 9 (last)
Linda in MO
Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, MO
January 11, 1917
Vol. XIII. No. 3

page 4, column 3]

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
I’d never hesitate at risks
I’m eager for a thrill
Life’s always so exciting
When you live it with a will.

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
My life is made of ups and downs
It’s that that makes it nice
I wouldn’t have an easy life -
The contrast gives it spice!

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
They told me that fame was a bubble,
They loftily scorned worldly pelf,
And I grant that their words may be true, but -
I’d like to find out for myself!

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
I try to imagine my menail work
Is really my idea of fun
And I might as well like it as not for of course
I know that its got to be done.

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
I often fret and worry
And long for wealth and such
What makes me think, I wonder
That I deserve so much?

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
I lost my garter at a dance
Where every one could see
It didn’t bother them, but ok -
The difference to me!

~ The Cheerful Cherub ~
Just keep trying all the time
Till at last your life is done,
You may never reach the top
but the climbing’s lots of fun.

[page 4, column 4]

[AD] Kirstin Stump Puller, One Man - Horse Power [rest of ad not

~ The Best Laxative ~
To keep the bowels regular the best laxative is outdoor exercise. Drink
a full glass of water half an hour before breakfast and eat an
abundance of fruit and vegetables, also establish a regular habit and
be sure your bowels move once each day. When a medicine is needed take
Chamberlain’s Tablets. They are pleasant to take and mild and gentle in
affect. Obtainable everywhere.

~ Stockholder’s Meeting ~
Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Stockholders of
the Bank of Hillsboro, originally fixed for January 8, 1917, has been
passed a new meeting called for Monday, January 22, 1917, for the
purpose of increasing the membership of the Board of Directors of said
bank in order to comply with the provisions of the statute in such
cases made and provided and to elect the directors required by statute
and for such other and further business as may properly come before
them at said meeting.
George W. MOCKBEE, President
W. R. DONNELL, Cashier

~ Trustee’s Sale ~
Whereas, Frank F. JOHNSTON and Emma Johnston, his wife, by their
certain deed of trust dated the 31st day of May, 1916, and recorded in
the office of the Recorder of deeds for the County of Jefferson, State
of Missouri, in book 53, page 185, conveyed to the undersigned,
trustee, the following described real estate, situated in the County of
Jefferson, State of Missouri, to-wit: All of lots four (4), five (5)
and eight (8), that lie East of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and
Southern Railway right of way, as shown by the report of commissioners
in a certain partition proceeding, wherein Elizabeth M. HORINE and
others were plaintiffs and William L. RILEY and others were defendants,
which report and the plat accompanying the same are on record in the
Recorder’s office of Jefferson County, Mo., in book “A” at page 405 and
following, reference to which is here by made and said plat and report
are made and said plat and report are made a part of this deed for a
more perfect description, said land being a part of section 26, and U.
S. Survey No. 924, excepting, however, forty[five acres off of the East
end of lot five, sold to E. SCHLAFFKE by Thomas C. MATHER and others,
containing 231 acres, and also lots one (1) and two (2) as shown by
plat “B”, as shown by the plat returned by the Commissioners appointed
in the partition suit of Ezra CADWALLADER and others against Samuel
POLLARD and others as appears in their report dated January 33, 1875,
and-recorded in book 9 of Records of Deeds in the Records of Jefferson
County, Missouri, at page 220, and following, reference to which is
hereby and report and plat are made a part of this deed for a more
perfect description, said land being a part of the Northwest fractional
quarter of section twenty-five (25) in township forty one (41), range
five (5) East, containing twenty eight and 44-100 acres (28 44-100)
which conveyance was made to the undersigned in trust, to secure the
payment of certain notes in said deed specified; and whereas, four of
the principal notes and one of the interest notes in said deed of trust
described are now past due and remain unpaid; noe, therefore, at the
request of the legal holder of said notes, and in pursuance of the
conditions in said deed of trust, the undersigned, trustee will sell
the property above described at public vendue, to the highest bidder
for cash, at the front door of the Court House, in Hillsboro, in said
County of Jefferson, on Saturday, January 20, 1917 between the hours of
nine o’clock in the fore noon and five o’clock in the afternoon, for
the purpose of satisfying said indebtedness and the costs of executing
this trust.
Walter G. THIELECKE, Trustee

[page 4, column 5]

~ $5.00 Reward ~
Hillsboro, Mo., Dec. 28, 1916
When I lost 15 head of cattle in Big River by drowning, I also lost one
red steer coming 2 years old, with tag in his left ear, “Marked, J. H.
SIMCOCK, Victoria, Mo., No. 415” Will pay $5.00 for his return to me
alive, it may be that he also drowned. Jos. J. HOEKEN.

~ Announcement ~
All box-suppers, pie-suppers and gatherings of like nature, given for
the purpose of raising funds, must be accompanied by twenty-five cents
to insure their appearance in the columns of the Record.

Bank of Kimmswick, Kimmswick, MO [cut off on right, marked with ---]
Capital $10,00 ---
Surplus and Undivided Profits $10,00---
C. H. GERARD, President
M. ZIEGLER, Vice-President
G. A. WENOM, Cas---
We invite you to open an account with us. Pas---
Check Books given without charge, regard ---
amount of deposit. We pay 4 per cent on time---
one year, and 3 per cent a year for 6 months.

Picture Sho--- [cut off on right, marked with ---]
West Kimmswick, Sunday at 2:00---
Maxville, Wednesday ---
Barnhart, Friday ---
Fenton, Sunday ---

[AD] [this ad is cut off on the right, but appears to be also printed
in the 01-22-1917 issue, I have copied that version here]
The Officers and Directors of the People’s Bank of De Soto extend to
their friends and patrons their very best wishes for a merry Christmas
and a happy and prosperous new year. They trust that the year, 1917 may
have much in store for their friends and patrons, and offer the
services of this institution to any one desiring a connection with a
well-established strong, safe institution.

[page 4, column 6]

[cut off on the right]

~ Administrator’s [Notice] ~
Notice is hereby given---
of Administration on the---
Louisa ROGERS, d----
were granted to the[sic] und---
the 4th day of January,---
George ROG---

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