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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON COUNTY RECORD January 18, 1917 Part 3 volunteer transcription
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 20:36:57 -0600


Volunteer Transcription - part 3
Linda in MO
Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, MO
January 18, 1917
Vol. XIII. No. 4

~ Circuit Court ~
W. H. PILLIARD vs. Singer Sewing Machine Co. judgment against defendant
W. H. WAGGENER surety on appeal bond.

State vs. Jacob KUECHENMEISTER, defendant fils demurrer. Overruled.

Samuel HILL vs. Hattie HILL, plaintiff filed, proof of publication.

Charles W. LEHMAN vs. Lucy LEHMAN proof of publication filed.

State vs. Jacob KUECHENMEISTER, plea of abatement filed. Overruled.

State vs. Mrs. Isom KEETON, attachment ordered for M. F. JOHNSON
subpopred on part of stat. Nulle prose qui.

Jacob L. BOYER vs. B. A. MEYER et al continued.

Sid R. CLIFF et al vs. Fred SAUER, plaintiff’s motion to require
justice of the peace to uter judgment herein is sustained.

Joseph STONEK vs. John WANDELL et al, dismissed by plaintiff and at his

State of Missouri vs. Jacob KUECHENMEISTER, Pros. Atty. enters nolle
prose qui after challengs [sic] are made and before jury is sworn.

State vs. Jack CANTRELL, Pros. Atty. enters nolle prose qui.

State vs. Stanley BRUZZE. Pros. Atty. enters nolle prose quie and by
agreement costs are taxed against defendant. Defendant pays into court
$4.00 on the costs and is granted a stay of execution o [sic] balance
of costs until first day of next term.

State vs. Hattie DANIELS, motion for new trial overruled. Paroled. Bond
$200.00. Approved by court.

State vs. R. B. MUNROE, continued.

State vs. Chas. LeBEAUME, passed to January 20, 1917.

State vs. Thomas GRAHAM, passed to January 20, 1917.

State vs. Hattie DANIELS, Gambling house, continued.

John E. RYAN vs. Edward E. BONACKER, continued by agreement.

W. F. JOHNSON is released from attachment and costs of attachment are
taxed against E. R. FRAZIER, the officer making return on subpona upon
which attachment is based.

State vs. Howard WINGO, fined $100 files motion for new trial.

G. W. BENERT vs. W. H. BENERT et al Partition granted. Terms of sale 50
per cent cash.

Albert ROESCH vs. Charles F. NAUMAN, dismissed by plaintiff, costs are
taxed against defendant.

Pearl WASHINGTON vs. Joe WASHINGTON, summons ordered directed to the
sheriff of the city of St. Louis and cause continued.

State vs. Pierr L. CLERC, defendant files motion for new trial.

Cleo M. HASKINS vs. Gordon HASKINS, plaintiff files proof of

Walter H. ZOLL et al vs. Rolla MATHEWS et al, motion for security for

Delphine ROUSSAN et al vs. R. B. JONES et al. Decree of partition
granted, terms 50 per cent cash, balance in one year.

Carl Lee FINNEY vs Rosa A. VINYARD et al, plaintiff dismisses suit.

State vs. Robert MEYERS, fined $100.

Emil FAHR vs. Atele MAHR, defendant files answer.

Arthy WHALEY et al vs. E. A. WHALEY et al. Decree of partition granted,
50 per cent cash and balance in one year at option of purchaser.

Bridget GARRETT vs. Patrick CARRIGAN at al. Trial by court and decree
of partition granted wit border of sale. Terms, all each.

State vs. Noah DUGAN et al, defendant granted a further stay of
execution until first day of next term.

Johanna ROSE vs. August TURNER, judgment for plaintiff for possession
of premises sued for.

J. V. DENNY et al vs. Jefferson County, et al, bill of exceptions filed.

Effie FRAZIER vs. E. G. MORGAN, dismissed for want of prosecution.

Rosa A. VAUGHN vs. HARRY E. VAUGHN, same order

John F. GIBSON vs. Annie GIBSON, dismissed by plaintiff.

Rhoda VOGHT et al vs. Jacob VOGT et al, Theodore HURTGEN...Gotleib
SIEVERS and H. P. G. BOEMLER appointed commissioners as per prayer of

In re pro forma decree of incorporation Presbyterian church at Cedar
Hill Decree of Incorporation granted.

Blanch VAUGHN vs. C. G. HARRIS, motion for security for costs
sustained. Plaintiff granted leave to file cost of bond on or before 15
days before first day of next term..

Esther VAUGHN vs. Chas Grant HEARIS?, same order.

[page 2, column 3]

Crystal City State Bank vs. A. BLACK et al, plaintiff dismesses as to
defendant, Frank DURN. Judgement for plaintiff and against defendant A.
BLACK for sum of $337.56 with 8 per cent interest form this date.

Frank MINSEY? vs. Israel E. LEE, continued.

R. B. VOLLMAR vs. H. R. SORGE, motion for security for costs, sustained.

Ludwig SCHULZ, administrator vs. S. Louis I. M. and So. Ry. Co.,
Plaintiff jugement for $5,000. Motion for new trial.

Millard F. HERRINGTON vs. Farmer’s Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Rock
Township. Death of Milard HERRINGTON suggested and cause continued in
name of Mary HERRINGTON, executrix of his estate. Defendant enters its
appearance and is granted leave to file answer on or before the next
trm[sic] and cause continued.

R. K. Van CLEVE vs. A. MARLI et al continued.

Clara HICKELHEIM et al vs. Theodore KOCHLER et al, sheriff files report
of sale herein.

W. E. AKINS vs. St. Joseph Lead Co. plaintiff files amended petition.

W. E. AKINS vs. St. Joseph Lead Co. defendant files motion to make more
specific definate and certain. Continued to next term.

E. E. KNICKERBOCKER vs. St. Joseph Lead Co., defendant files motion by
leave of Court to make more specific, definate and certain. Continued
to next term.

Jane PINSON et al vs. Roscoe B. JONES, et al, plaintiff files reply,
change of venue to St. Louis Co.

Joseph CATTLET vs. Mary O’FARRELL, decree of partition granted.

George MOORE of St. Louis enrolled a member of bar.

L. E. COLE and Co. vs St. L. I. M. and So. Ry. Co., plaintiff files

WAGGENER Store Co. vs. A. F. ZETINGER et al, continued.

P. S. TERRY vs. V. L. S. E. Inc. et al plaintiff dismisses as to
defendant Vitagraph-Lubin Selif Essanay, Inc. Trial by court and
judgement for plaintiff in sum of $101.26 against defendant, John A.

State vs. Robert MEYERS, defendant pays into court the sum of $65.00 on
fine and costs and is granted a stay of execution on balance of fine
and costs until next term.

Chas. WACK vs. Catherine YAEGER, et al’ Jas. G. BERKELEY is appointed
guardian adlitem for minor defendant Sallie GUND. James G. BERKELEY
files his acceptance, also answer for said defendant, Sadie GUND.
Decree of partition granted.

~ Bowles Vicinity ~
Everybody in this neighborhood welcomed the snow which fell Sunday
night and Monday.

Many of our people attended the school entertainment and ball at Fenton
last Saturday night. They all report a good time.

A number of people met at Mr. John CONRAD’s Sunday night and had a good
pinochle game. Another good pinochle game was going on at HERZOG’s the
same night and a few more are scheduled to come off during the week.

We congratulate Mr. Charles BOUZEK for the honor of being our deputy
sheriff. We see in Mr. BOURZEK, a man broad both physically and
mentally, and therefore thourghly qualified for the position.

There are again a few cases of measles in our community, none serious

Two weeks ago an item appeared in this paper headed “Buffalo Hill”
Since that we have repeatedly been asked where this place really was,
not knowing exactly we consulted tow volumes on “Trading Horses” and
How to Make ‘Skates’ Look Like Horses” and found that it is an
insignificant place in the upper end of Sugar Creek. all those who seek
further information are kindly referred to that place and we feel
assured that things will explain themselves in detail.

~ Meramec Township Teachers Meeting January 27, 1917 ~
Following we give the program of the Meramec Teacher’s Meeting to be
held at House Springs, January 27, 1917.

Chap. XIV - Elementary Arithmetic, Miss Lila BYRNE.
Chap. XV - Advanced Arithmetic, Joe OTTOMEYER
Chap. XVI - Geography, Miss Daisy DeWITT
Chap. XVII - History, Roy J. LEE
Chap. XVIII - Hygiene, W. J. CLOVER

All teachers of Meramec Township are urged to be present and take part
in the discussions.
Patrons are respectfully invited, the meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m.
W. J. CLOVER President
Arthur G. NORTH, Secretary.

[AD] CASTORIA, For Infants and Children, In Use For Over 30 years.
Always bears the Signature of Chas. H. FLETCHER

[page 2, column 4]

[AD] Slip a few Prince Albert smokes into your system! [not fully

~ Grippe More Dangerous Than Ordinary Colds ~
May be followed by Other Disease
Germ Produces Nervousness.

Grippe is a different and more dangerous disease than the ordinary
cold, according to Dr. P. M. RAVENEL of the school of medicine of the
University of Missouri. It has become a fashion however, to call all
severe colds, grippe. The ordinary cold is an inflammation of the mucus
membrane of the upper respiratory tract. The proper name for grippe is
influenza. It is caused by a specific germ, which, to a greater or less
extent, invades the body. It invariably produces a nervous condition
and often times intense depression, symptoms which are not seen with
ordinary colds.

Grippe is a dangerous disease. It may be followed by pneumonia,
meningitis or severe intestinal symptoms. Indeed, in one form of grippe
the digestive tract is the chief location. This is know as abdominal or
intestinal grippe.

Grippe is particularly dangerous for those suffering from chronic
diseases, particularly consumption. After a long absence from America,
an intensely severe epidemic reached this country in 1889. There was a
large number of deaths, and a number of cases in which the depression
and delirium almost reached insanity. Ther [sic] were many cases of
tuberculosis following this epidemic. These cases were unquestionably
people who has been infected with tubercle germ and were resisting it.
The Attack of grippe so lowered their vital power that the tubercle
germ again became active.

The first symptoms of grippe are unusually those of an acute cold,
chilliness, sneezing, discharge from the nostrils and a cough. The germ
is thrown out particularly in the material which is coughed up. It is
fortunately a delicate germ, and cannot survive exposure for any length
of time.

~ Real Estate Transfers ~
Adolph PAUL to Casper SCHAFFER, Jr., 20a, Sur 783-42-5........$300.00
Pillade NOVELLI to W. A. STANFORD, 160a, 17-42-3, .......$800.00
George Henry SCHAFFER to Charles J. WHITE, lot in Festus, $500.00
Andrew GODAT to Frederick HOLDINGHAUSEN, 74a, 32-40-6, $850
W. H. WAGGENER to J. M. SCOTT, lot in Festus, $250.00
W. T. HE...NRY [probably HENRY] to Mother’s Club, lot in Pevely, $50.00
Jas. G. BLACK to S. T. .... WAGGENER, lot in Festus, $250.00

~ Honor Roll ~
James T. OGLE, Walter POGUE, Mrs. Herman HEILIGTAG, John D. BANMER?,
John ARNOLD, Edward ARNOLD, F. T. ROENEMER?, John H. FLAMM, Wm. H.

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