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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON COUNTY RECORD January 25, 1917 Part 9 volunteer transcription
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Volunteer transcription - part 9
Linda in MO
Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
January 25, 1917
No. 5

~ Marriage Licenses ~
George BUSHNELL ......Herculaneum
Eva GRIGGS ............... Herculaneum

Harry MARTEN..............De Soto
Vada WALLS..................De Soto

George Lee ABRAMS ....Bliss, Texas
Alice H. WILLIAMS..........Crystal City

~ De Soto Items ~
C. W. MUSE has bought out his partner, Mr. DICKERMAN in the general
merchandising business on Sixth and Boyd Streets and the business will
again be known as the MUSE Mercantile Co.

Miss Margaret CARLEY returned Saturday from three days visit with
relatives in St. Louis

Mrs. HILL of Popular Bluff who has been with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
S. E. MEYERS on Boyd Street from over a week returned home Friday.

Lee McKAY and family returned Monday from a visit with relatives in
Southeast Missouri.

Little Miss Blanch COUCH celebrated her sixth birthday by entertaining
her little friends.

The officers of the Epworth League of the M. E. Church South were
installed Sunday evening by W. L. SMITH.

Miss Vivian EDGAR celebrated her birthday by entertaining a number of
her friends Thursday night.

Miss Mamie PYLE departed Tuesday for Farmington after a few days visit
at home.

The Bonne Terre basket ball team were here Saturday night and De Soto
beat the visiting team one point. The score was 23-22.

Mrs. KELLEY of El Paso, Texas was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles
MITCHIM Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. John H. REPPY of Hillsboro, Regent of the D. A. R. of our city
attended their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Kirkwood JONES on
South 2nd Street.

Mrs. A. E. FAUTH will be hostess of the missionary society at her home
on Pratt Street Thursday.

Mrs. Verdie HERMAN is spending a week with her parent sat [sic]

Mrs. George RATHBURN is able to sit up a part of each day and her
friends are glad that she is improving so nicely.

Kirkwood JONES has sold five Ford cars, two of which were brought from
the city last week.

Miss Esther KNEHANS spent the week-end with her parents at Mt. Olive,

De Soto will have a new bank to be known as the Farmers and Citizens
Bank with capital stock of $25,000.00 fully subscribed and half paid.
A. O. W. WHITE of West Kimmswick will be the cashier. the directors are

Frank A. DICKERMAN has sold his interest to his partner, C. W. MUSE. It
is rumored that Mr. MUSE will organize a stock Co. and enlarge the

An additiona lwatchman [sic] at night has been secured and it is said
that the robbers had better take notice.

The K. of P. held their installation Friday night. Grand Keeper of
Records and Seal, Edwin ETTINGER of St. Louis installed the officers. A
box supper and musical was enjoyed after the ceremony of installation.

Miss Rhoda COXWELL entertained the sewing club of which she is a member
Monday afternoon.

Will HAMILTON of Flat River was here Sunday.

The annual meeting of the Congregational Church was held Tuesday night
in the church parlors.

Mrs. I. DONLIN has a new Victrola.

Mrs. Lloyd YOUNG was hostess of the embroidery club Tuesday afternoon.

The High School will give a play at the Jefferson Theatre the last of
the month.

~ Hunting Licenses ~
Crystal City: T. T. WILLIAMS, Vincent SALVO, Sam CHICK, J. M. BLECHLE

De Soto and Routes: Harry HEMPHILL, Aaron GAMBLE, Lorenz TRUNK, Hy.

Eureka: G. H. BIRK

Festus and Routes: Ben PATTERSON, Floyd GRIFFIN, J. J. GETTINGER,
Willie LaPLANT, Norman DRAKE, Walter WARNE, Frank WEHNER

Glen Park: Barney WHALEY

Hillsboro and Routes: Edwin REINEMER, Paul CLERC, Chas. HEMME, Jr., W.

House Springs: George PREISTER, Louis PRIESTER, C. T. GILLMAN, Frank

Horine: Geo. W. DIPPEL, Julius KUENNER

Hematite: J. S. COPLIN, Oscar COPLIN

Herculaneum: R. THOMAS, Chars. SIMPSON, Joe CARROW, Howard PILE, Frank

Kimmsiwick and Routes: George SCHNEIDER, Harry BRENN

Pevely and Routes: Harry YOUNG, M. A. HENSLEY

Plattin: Stephen JACKSON

Rush Tower: M. WINDES

Vally Park: Chas. A. BOWZEK

~ Notice of Final Settlement ~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of Alex MILES,
deceased [...] fourth Monday in February, 1917.
Mrs. Alice MILES, Administratrix

Kirstin Stump Puller, One Man - Horse Power
[ad not transcribed]
A. J. KIRSTIN Company, 1342 Main Street, Escambo?, Mich.

The Best Laxative
To keep the bowels regular the best laxative is outdoor exercise. Drink
a full glass of water half an hour before breakfast and eat an
abundance of fruit and vegetables also establish a regular habit and
besure your bowels move once each day. When medicine is needed take
CHAMBORLAIN’S tablets. They are pleasant to take and mild and gentle in
effect. Obtainable everywhere.

~ Real Estate Transfers ~

Martha COLEMAN to Louis STAFFELBACH, lot in Victoria, $200.00

Hy. BESSELMAN to J. W. and Mary E. STATON, 2 lots in De Soto. $100

J. R. HOLTON to W. R. KINCAID, 7a, 3-39-4, $1.00

Frank POHLMAN to S. R. and E. I. HEWLETT, 127a., 8-43-4, A100 etc.

Press J. SULLIVANN to W. B. LEWIS, 1.58a, 2-39-4, $1.00

Charles W. LEHMAN to Wm. A. WASHER, $1.00

Philip KOHLER to Louis S. KOHLER, 12a, 21-42-5, $800

George J. CRULL to Rev. J. M. TORBITZSKY, 4a 3-41-3, $50

Rev. John M . TORBITZKY to J. J. A. TORBITZKY, 160a, 10-41-3, $1.00

Rev. J. M. TORBITZKY to Edwin H. RIEMAN, 11a, 7-41-3, $1,000

W. J. PENDERGAST to Mary PENDERGAST, 2 lots, Fletcher’s add, De Soto, $1

Jas. H. MEDLEY to H. A. ROZIER, lot in Victoria, $75.00

Henri W. TOWNSEND to Frieda and Lorenzo BADARACCO, 8a, 8-39-4, $10.00

Ira H. PERKINS to E. H. THORNHILL, 1a, 1304102, $10.00

John J. SHONE Jr. to John SHONE, 5a, Sulphur Springs, $1.00

Philip S. TERRY to Jno. V. HAEFNER, lot W. J. ADAMS sub div. Festus

John KASSELL to William KRAUS, 1/8 acre, sur. 1969, $1.00

Otto H. MUELLER to Louisee RIESS, lot 63, Sulphur Springs, $10.00

Otto H. MUELLER to Ida K. PENNEMAN, 20a, sur. 1985, 10.00

W. H. THOMPSON to Ora HOTY, 158a, 5-39-6, $1.00

Fred BERGMAN to William BERGMAN, 26a, sur 3059, $1.00

Otto H. MUELLER to Wilhelmina, J. K. BENDER, 13?, sur. 1985, $10.00

Charles BLACKBURN to W. R. DONNELL 51a, 6-39-5, $1400.00

Thomas McCARTY et all to Wm. BERGMAN, 26a, sur 3059, $1.00

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