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Subject: Jefferson County Record May 18, 1911 Volunteer Transcription Part 2
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 14:19:04 EST

Jefferson County Record
May 18, 1911
Volunteer Transcription Part 2

(Note: The PROBATE COURT DOCKET below is similar, but not exact to the May
11, 1911 issue.)

State vs. Dorsey WEIDMAN; pros. attorney files information and is granted
leave to indorse state witnesses on the information. Case set for May 17; Dorsey
WEIDNER as principal and John ANDERSON, Sam BREWSTER and H.B. IRWIN enter
into recognizance in sum of $300.

Wm. H. vs. Mary HUGHES; plaintiff granted leave to file an amended petition
30 days before the first day of next term and cause continued.

Freddie MOTTERT by next friend vs. Wm. NAES et al; defendant files separate
answer as to each of defendants.

Geo. HILL vs. Otto BUDER; defendant files motion to dismiss.

River View Social, Fishing and Boating Club file petition and articles of
agreement for the incorporation of said club. The court appoints Sam BYRNS
amicus cura to report as to his findings in the matter.

Geo. M. MOCKBEE vs. Richard SCHNELL; plaintiff granted leave to amend
petition to correct name of defendant so as to make petition read Robert instead of
Richard SCHNELL. Judgment rendered for plaintiff for $200.

State vs. Leslie CUNNINGHAM fined $5, stay of execution till Sept. 11.
Defendant files bond for $100 for appearance.

State vs. Clarence TRAVIS; plea of not guilty entered. Venire ordered for 25
special jurors to report May 17 and case set that day.

State vs. J.A. WORTHINGTON; scire facias ordered to issue C. ELDRIDRDGE
directed to St. Louis County.

Wells Merc. Co. vs. Geo. BLACH; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for
$18.31 with interest at 6 per cent.

In re-assignment of cost of S. L. AUBUCHON; commr. Clyde WILLIAMS files
report and allowed fee of $10 as such commissioner.

Wm. C. KERCKHOFF vs. Valentine DEITZ; judgment for plaintiff as per
stipulation filed.

Peter PAUL et al vs. Samuel GLATT; citation for contempt ordered issued for
defendant returnable on May 19.

W.D. ISENBURG et al vs. Owen McCOURT et al; judgment for defendants as per
written opinion filed herein, finding defendants to be the owners in fee of the
real estate herein and that the plaintiffs have no right, title, or interest

United Shoe Machinery Co. vs. Annie M. RAMLOSE, ex; judgment for plaintiff
for damages as per stipulation filed.

Jos. M. DRURY vs. Ollie DRURY; divorce granted with care and custody of

N.F. LIVARAR vs. R. B. VOLLMAR; defendant files motion to dismiss.

Felix LEUTZINGER, admr. of the estate of James KIDD, dec'd., vs. Iron Mt.
R.R. Co; judgment for plaintiff by agreement $250.

Wm. KING vs. Wm. SPRAGUE; plaintiff files motion and affidavit for change of
venue herein and deposits $10 docket fee.

Aug BOUT vs. Iron Mt. R.R. Co.; motion to sue as a poor person sustained by
the court.

Aug. BOUT vs. I. Mt. R.R. Co; motion to strike out over-ruled.

Wm. KING vs. Wm. SPRAGUE change of venue granted to St. Louis in the 8th
Judicial circuit.

Jos. M. DRURY vs. Ollie J. DRURY; decree of divorce in this cause in now set
aside of its own motion.

Frank R. PILLEN excused from further service on Petit jury.

Aug. BOUT vs. I. Mt. R.R. Co.; plaintiff files reply parties and jury.

The Text Book Commission, composed of Supt. R. B. WILSON, Miss Anna McCLURE
ad Chas. O. LEE, meets here Saturday. These officials select and adopt text
books for our county schools outside of DeSoto and Festus. The life of the
present book contract expires July 1912. Work on a new selection must be begun at
once, hence, Saturday's meeting.

Mrs. McElhanan ANDERSON departed Tuesday for her new home in Illinois.

Dan ELWANGER and wife arrived Wednesday from their place in Florida where
they spent the winter. They will remain here until the latter part of fall.

Mr. MUENCH, the Rawley man, has rented the John WENOM residence and moved in
last week.

Mr. RAFFERTY, who moved here about two months ago, has returned to the city.

Mr. CURRY, our agent, will occupy the RAUSCHENBACH house vacated by Mr.

The summer boarders are arriving daily. Messrs. DRAKE's and SPENCER's places
are filling up.

Mrs. Chas. OHEIM and son came down Saturday. John OHEIM, Jr., was also home

Mrs. Libby BRIX and her husband have been visiting her parents for several

Miss Emma HIRSCHFIELD entertained a party of young folks Sunday from St.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. WATERS are visiting their daughter, Mrs. BRISTOL, in the
Ozarks some where near Hillsboro, MO. (This is what was printed -Kay)

Frank HALL came home Saturday to visit his parents, Capt. and Mrs. HALL.

Mrs. Gus OHEIM and son, Lowel, were in St. Louis one day last week.

Mrs. Fred OBERMILLER was in St. Louis a few days last week.

Letters of administration upon the estate of Henry WHITE, dec'd., granted to
Nelson HUNT.

Sale bill in the estate of Louis WEIDNER, approved.

Upon petition filed by John V. HAEFNER, Jr., executor of the last will of J.
V. HAEFNER, dec'd., to pay school fund note and mortgage and redeem real
estate of deceased; after seeing and hearing said petition, court orders said
John V. HAEFNER, Jr. to do as above petitioned.

Letters of administration upon the estate of Godleph VOGT, dec'd., granted to
Barbara VOGT.

Upon application filed letters of administration DeBonis Non upon estate of
Christine GRIEVE, dec'd. granted to F. LEUTZINGER, public admr.

Demand of Lizzie GRIEWE against the estate of C. GRIEWE, dec'd., filed and
hearing of said claim of $557.50, on account of said claim, set for Monday, May

Mr. DEAN, former owner of the Gem Theater is spending the week in Little

Men are being put back to work in the railroad shops here from time to time
and business promises to be somewhat better than it has been for the last few
months. The railroad has authorized the expenditure of several thousand
dollars for the improvement of the road.

W.T. LONG and wife spent a few days this week in Little Rock visiting friends
and taking in the Confederate Veterans reunion.

John FRECH took in the Q.E. T. play at Festus Friday night, and visited at
the home of Bert OGLE near Hematite.

The primary department of the South Ward School will give an entertainment at
the K.P. Hall Saturday night. The proceeds will go towards the purchase of a

Howard HOPSON came over from Crystal City Saturday night to visit home folks,
the works being shut down for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. E.Y. MITCHELL attended the Q.E.T. play at Festus, going along to help
chaperone the bunch of young folks.

Stuart HARDY attended the play in Festus Friday and remained till Sunday
morning visiting friends.

The sophomore class had a class picnic at Mammoth Cave Saturday of last week.
They left the school house at 7 o'clock in the morning and returned late in
the evening. They reported having a fine time and lots of good things to eat.

Mrs. Addie OMOHUNDRO and son, Ralph spent a few days with relatives in St.
Charles last week.

Miss LING of China, who gave a lecture on the life and customs of her country
last Friday night, spent several days at the home of Mrs. Robert COXWELL.

Charley VILLMER, a young man twenty years of age, died very suddenly last
Thursday night. He retired about ten o'clock, seemingly in the best of health,
but when his sister called him in the morning she found him dead. The coroner
pronounced it death from heart failure. The sympathy of the community is with
the bereaved family.

Miss Adela MAUTHE is visiting relatives in St. Louis for a few days.

Mrs. A. S. AUBUCHON has gone to join her husband in Chicago, where he is at
work for Montgomery Ward and Co.

Miss Viola ENGLEBACH came down from Pevely Friday night to attend the
sophomore class picnic, and spent Sunday with Miss Harriet MEEKS.

We hear that our old friend J. W. TANKERSLEY, formerly superintendent of our
city schools has moved his family from Washington, MO, to Chicago.

Mrs. Henrietta V. DAY, who formerly lived here and whose daughter, Miss
Minnie, was teacher in the schools here; died at her home in Peoria, IL, about ten
days ago. Mrs. DAY was daughter of Burrell REPPY an early citizen of DeSoto,
had a beautiful singing voice, and many social graces, which endeared her to a
wide circle of friends. Her remains were laid to rest beside her husband in
LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

We are having hot weather now.

Strawberries are getting ripe and the commission men are ready to handle the

The surprise party given at Herman KASNERS was well attended and everybody
reported a good time.

A good shower of rain is badly needed for it is getting very dry.

Jos. SWANTER is still sawing lumber for Jos. SCHABALL.

The farmers are very busy plowing and planting corn.

The Fenton Camp A.O.U.W. visited Antyre camp at High Ridge, Saturday evening
and helped take in Mrs. Ed BRACKMAN. The Antyre camp treated the Fenton camp
with a big supper and everybody had a good time.

Walter DAEHN is going to have an operation performed on his nose next week.

James GRAHAM, our mail carrier is on time now for the roads are dry.

The autos had the road Sunday, for it was a nice day and, about 100 machines
were out.


R.A. MARSDEN to Mary J. HARSTON, 3 lots, old town of DeSoto, $1.

G. M. SULLENS to Geo. and Chas. BRACKMAN, 67 acres, S7 T2 R4; 13 acres, S12
T42 R3; 36 acres, S7 T42 R, $1 exchange of land.

J.C. LAW to John P. WAGNER, 4 lots Rathbuns ad. DeSoto, $1.

Elizabeth D. MOSS to Mabel E. FASLER, 150 acres, sur 932, T42 R5 $4000.

Jno. W. PARTNEY to William STREMMING, 80 acres, S26 T41 R4, $1600.

Andrew G. JACKSON to Robert J. JACKSON, 200 acres, S13 T40 R4, $600.

Jos. APKE to Jos. McBRIARTY, 120 acres, S8, T42 R3, $10.

Jos. McBRIARTY to Jos. APKE, 243 acres, S8 T42, R3, $10.

Chas. STERLING to W.J. WIDEMAN, 46 acres, S12 T40 R2, $1.

Jerry NORRIS to Jas CRAIG, lot in original town of DeSoto, $50.

Oscar EDWARDS to same, lot in old town DeSoto, $1.

Louis KRAUS to Chas. KRAUS, 6.5 acres, S27, T42 R5, $97.50.

W. J. WIDEMAN to Albert S. HERRINGTON, 46 acres, S12, T40 R2, $250.

Albert STOSBERG to John D. KIRCKOFF, 80 acres, S20-29, T43 R3, $1500.

Maria Ann NULL to E.C. DEGAR, 148 acres, S18, T42, R4, $1200.

Lillie RAMSEK to J. W. LAW, 4 lots Rathbuns ad, $1.

E. KERRUISH to D.E. PERRYMAN, lot in Kerruish ad, Festus, $225.

W.F. SEDIAK to T. B. EAVES, 80 acres, S6 T39 R4, $2400.

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May Term 1911
Monday, May 22nd - First Day.
Name of estate, Adm, etc. and kind of settlement

ADDIS, W. W. U., minor, Geo. ADDID cur. Ann
ADAMS, Dora E., W.J. ADAMS, g&c Ann
ARNOLD, E. dec'd, Felix LEUTZINGER, p.a. Final
BUSH, Ralph, dec'd, W.R.F.J. BUSH, ex. Ann
BAKER, O.C., dec'd, Emily M. BAKER, adm. Ann
BERTHOLD, Bertha, minor, A.Q. MEDLEY, cur. Ann
BROWN, John, insane, F. LEUTZINGER, pa&c Ann
BRENNEN, Mary A., insane, Chester Trust Co, Ann
BRADLEY, Nathan, dec'd, F.A. BRADLEY, adm Final
BROWN, Margaret, ins., Jeptha LONG, g&c Ann

Tuesday, May 23rd - Second Day
CHOTT minors, John CHOTT, g&c Ann
CLAY, Alfred, minor, O.M. MUNROE, cur Ann
CAMPBELL, Irma, minor, Minnie G. CAMPBELL, curator Ann
CASTILE minors, George H. CASTILE, g&c Ann
EDINGER, C.C. dec'd,, O.M. MUNROE, ex Final
ENNOR, J.H., minor, J. M. ENNOR, g&c Ann
EHLERS, J.H., dec'd, Elizabeth EHLERS, ex Final
EDINGER, Phillip, dec'd, C.H. EDINGER, adm Final
EGGERS, M., minor, Wilhelmine EGGERS, g&c Ann
FRAZIER, H.H. dec'd, J.T. FRAZIER, ex. Final
FRAZIER, R. minor, J.T. FRAZIER, g&c Ann
FLEMING, A.H. minor, Mary L. FLEMING, cur Ann

Wednesday, May 24th - Third day.
GILL minors, J. H. MORSE, g&c Ann
GRAHAM, C.E., minor, J. W. PATTERSON, g&c Ann
GEITZ, John, minor, J.J. AVERBECK, g&c Ann
GRAHAM, L., dec'd, Elizabeth GRAHAM, admx Ann
GOZA, G.W., dec'd, W.A. GOZA, adm Ann
GILMAN, Carl, dec'd, Wilhelmine GILMAN, ex. Ann
HUSKEY, J.B., minor, V.J. HUSKEY, g&c Ann
HAEFNER, J.V., dec'd, J.V. HAEFNER, Jr., ex Final
HAEFNER minors, J.V. HAEFNER Jr., g&c Ann
HARLOW, Logan S,. minor, Lettie HARLOW, g&c Ann
HELLER, Sophia, minor, F. LEUTZINGER, g&c Ann
HELTERBRAN, Louisa, dec'd, W.J.A. SCHUBEL, adm Ann
HEARST, Wm., dec'd, Ida A. HEARST, adm Ann
HUNICKE, Fred, dec'd, Aug HUNICKE, adm Final
HENDERSON, Albert, minor, J.V. DENNY, cur Ann

Thursday, May 25th - Fourth Day
JONES minors, Milton JONES, curator Ann
KASSELL minors, Fred HELIGTAG, curator Ann
KOHLER, Louis, minor, L.F. KOHLER, g&c Ann
KAVANAUGH, J., dec'd, Mary KAVANAUGH, adm Ann
KRATZ, Wm., minor, Henry HEITMAN, cur Ann
LONG, Luther, dec'd, Harriet DANIELS, adm Ann
MOON, Dolly A., insane, S.B. MOON, g&c Ann
MAUPIN, Stanley M., minor, W.H. MAUPIN, g&c Ann
MARTIN, Vianna, dec'd, D.D. McCLANE, ex Final
MILLER, Theresa, dec'd, W.L. NOCE, ex Ann

Friday, May 26th - Fifth Day
McCORMACK, Josephine, dec'd, Burdette W. McCORMACK, adm Final
MARSH minors, W. R. DONNEL, curator Ann
MOORE, Aaron, dec'd, A. F. MOORE, ex Ann
MEYER, Aug, insane, J.G. MEYER, g&c Ann
NULL, Jno W., dec'd, J. F. McBROOM, adm
O'BRIEN, Terry, dec'd, Aruthur O'BRIEN, adm Final
O'CONNER, Peter, dec'd, P.J.O'CONNER, adm Final
PARSONS, C.B., dec'd, J.E. & R.R. PARSONS, ex Ann
POERTNER minors, John H. POERTNER, cur Ann
PORTA, Barbara dec'd, John J. SIMON, ex Ann
PRITCHARD minors, Susan PRITCHARD, cur Ann
POPELIK minors, Martin POPELIK, cur Ann
RENICK? minor, R.B. BOYER, cur Ann
ROZIER, F.C., minor, P.V. ROZIER, cur Ann
RICHARDSON, Geo, ins, R.A. MARSDEN, g&c Ann
RELS, Kathrine, dec'd, Henry MARX, ex Ann
ROZIER, Louis J., dec'd, P.F. & J.F. ROZIER, ex Final
STEWARD, Sarah, dec'd, F. LEUTZINGER, pa Final
SHAW minors, G.O. HAYS, cur Ann
SECKMAN, H., dec'd, Ed & Wm. SECKMAN, adm Final

Saturday, May 27th - Sixth Day
SCHLECHT, Fred, minor, H. SCHLECHT, g&c Ann
SUEGER, C., dec'd, J. H. REPPY, ex Ann
STRAHER minors, W. H. STRAHER, g&c Ann
SECKMAN, Elizabeth, dec'd, Geo WALDORF, ex Final
WILLIAMS, W.F., dec'd, Clyde WILLIAMS, adm Final
WEBER, Maria B., dec'd, E.M. WEBER and C. HAUSS?, ex Ann
WILLIAMS, Lawrence, minor, J. HOLAHAN?, cur Ann
WARNE, C. G., dec'd, Ann WARNE, adm Final
WILEY, S.S., dec'd, T.J. WILEY, adm Ann
WALDORF, Jacob, ins, Hy HOFFARTH, g&c Ann
NEES, Aug, dec'd, Theresa NEES, admx Final
NUELLE, Jos, dec'd, Louisa NUELLE, admx Final
NORTH minors, Chas T. YATES, cur Ann
ZELTNER, Alois, dec'd, Dephia E. ZELTNER, adm Ann
-----M.F. DUNNIGAN - Judge of Probate

~Executrix's Notice~
Notice is hereby given that letters of testamentary on the estate of
Chas. H. KLEINSCHMIDT, Deceased,
were granted to the undersigned on the 6th day of May 1911 by the Probate
Court of Jefferson County, MO……if such claims be not exhibited with two years
from the date of said letters, they will be forever barred. Therasa
KLEINSCHMIDT, Executrix. May 11, 1911.

Notice of Final Settlement.
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
Joseph NUELLE, Deceased,
are hereby notified that I, the undersigned, intend to make a final
settlement of said estate at the next term of the Probate court of Jefferson County,
Mo., to be held at Hillsboro on the fourth Monday in May, 1911.
Louise E. NULLE, [different spelling]

Notice of Final Settlement
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
John W. NULL, Deceased
are hereby notified that I, the undersigned, intend to make the final
settlement of said estate at the next term of the Probate court of Jefferson County,
Mo., to be held at Hillsboro on the fourth Monday in May, 1911.
John F. McBROOM, Public Administrator

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