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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON DEMOCRAT May 29, 1890 Part 3 volunteer transcription
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 08:36:09 -0600


Jefferson Democrat - transcribed by Linda in MO
Thursday, May 29, 1890 part 3

Neither do We.

Editor Jefferson Democrat

No man should go through this life without making an effort to learn
something, and a two-weeks attendance in Circuit court, will little
else to ???? look and listen, afforded and opportunity for gaining
information of great value to a student; and as this opportunity has
been mine, I feel like giving the public the benefit of a few of the
most important facts which I have gathered. It appears from my careful
observation that it is the business, as well as the duty, of the
lawyers to instruct the judge, juries, witnesses and all others, and I
was often surprised at the perversity and obstinacy of Judge DINNING?,
who so often acted contrary tot he advice so generously furnished him
by the lawyers. A man can not learn much at court unless eh knows it
from lawyers, for they do nearly all the talking and take up most of
the time, and I presume that is what they are there for: and when they
go to so much trouble to inform judge, jurors, witnesses and litigants
as to what they ought to do, it seems to me that their advice would be
more carefully considered than it is. I was also much surprised at the
action of the juries. There were several instances where they brought
in verdicts just the opposite to what the lawyers told them they should
do. And then there is that pestiferous fellow, Frank GREEN, the
prosecuting attorney! According to the unanimously -expressed opinion
of the other lawyers, Frank is a blood-thirsty, selfish individual,
whose only business is to prosecute innocent people for his own
amusement and personal gain. There was Willie GILLERT tried for
stealing guns; the evidence was indisputable as is his gain, but lawyer
????? plainly told the jury to acquit him, and instead of doing as they
said he was guilty and must go two years to the pen. Frank GREEN upheld
them in their ???? verdict and the judge refused to give him another
trial, when KLEINSHCMIDT told him just as positively and plainly as he
could that the verdict would be set aside and a new trial granted.
George BAUER was treated just as badly. The jury found him guilty of
some offense and said he, too, must go to the pen, and Frank GREEN and
Judge DINNING seemed just as cruel as the jury, for they refused any
relief, after lawyers WILLIAMS and THOMAS had told them in strong
language that BAUER was innocent and had never committed a crime, Peter
BARTON was almost as badly treated. He is the young man who waylaid and
assaulted Mayor ADAMS of Festus. Lawyer DEARING told the judge and jury
that BARTON was innocent and a young man of excellent character; but in
the face of all this the jury ??? he was guilty and must pay a fine of
$100 and lay two months in jail. Frank GREEN was cruel enough to
suggest to the jury, that a man who would be in wait to assault, at the
dead hour of night, a public official for doing what he believed to be
his duty, ought to be sent to the penitentiary, but the jury had been
taking his cruel advice for two weeks, and had at last concluded to act
somewhat mercifully. I don’t see much use in having lawyers if judges
and jurors will not pay any more respect to their advice.

Hillsboro, May 24, 1890. M. R.


Editor Jefferson Democrat:

Mr. PROGRESS desires to state, in reply to the Facts, that he is still
in the land of the living and just as sound in mind and body as he ever
was - until he was classified as a myth - having no objections, if
honestly inclined, to interest themselves through the columns of the J.
D. In the article of the Facts, May 18th, they advise the Council to
reconsider its actions relative to the Berg? coupon controversy,
showing how weak and inconsistent it would be to fight

[new column, very blurry]

said Berg coupon clam through the courts, realizing the ??????,
misguided by selfishness, in this attitude before the people, being
requested to recede? and assume? a mental compromise, knowing that
defeat ??? ??? in this just claim, if brought before the courts.
Especially when the city treasury interests become involved with the
extra expense attached ???? expecting, for ????, the c??? of Justice?
to? shield? them from the irresponsible? o???? and prejudice to govern
their actions. ??????? ??????? will be the result if our ????? and
tax-payers shall refuse to grapple with this question and settle it
????fully, while they may. Observer the case of HALLEY, ex-Marshal, vs.
the city of the De Soto, for services rendered, by being refused his
just dues. This case was con????ed by the Council - the ??? thereof
being a judgement against the city amounting to the sum of $147.56? the
amount claimed. Furthermore, we call the attention of the Council to
the committee appointed ?? ???? the city of St. Louis on the electric
light question. Wherein lies the object in this scheme? Has the
committee p???ly to ??? ?? in?????t for a foreign plant to locate here
in our midst, to the ????ment of our home? plant, which has all the
necessary appliances to fulfill their claim for light, to a
satisfactory completion of any context it ??? desire. But each is not
the will of the present Council. They look for a ??????tx to revoke the
charter by disfranchising the ?? of their just ???, having stepped over
as a 3rd class city, by forcing them out of existence. The very men who
?? hostile to the ????? of our home industry will have to contend with
unheard of difficulties and its ????. Also the ?????? of ruining our
credit not only at him but in adjacent cities. (Since writing the above
the Council has e???????ed the Berg coupon claim.) In reply, I
respectfully desire to cast no reflections? on our newly elected Mayor,
Henry LEPP, or part of the councilmen, persitally?, but ???? trying to
ventilate the truth, in the eyes of the people. Watching the stat of
affairs in harmony with the latest of our progressive future.

This being memorial? day, the Grand Army men celebrated the day by
marching through the streets. In the ???? of the ??? and ????. C????
WATSON preached the sermon in Dr. ????’s church, which from the looks
of the crowed going in, was well attended?. Also p????ed a grand R. R.
picnic which passed through here, crowded with people, the baggage-car
being used for a bar? and w??? effort???, also the beau??? raket; all
?????ed for Arcadia. Re????, there were loud and boisterous cheering
and singing, ????? home to St. Louis, train passed here 7:30? p.m.

Jos. W. SMITH lost a valuable hound, worth $??, dying with distemper
Saturday evening.

???? De Soto, May 25.

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