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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON DEMOCRAT May 15, 1890 Part 1 volunteer transcription
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 20:45:03 -0600


transcribed by Linda in MO
Jefferson Democrat, Jefferson County, Missouri
Thursday, May 15, 1890 - part 1

[first page not transcribed, no local Jefferson County news]

[second page, first column cut in half, not transcribed as it wouldn’t
make much sense]

[next column]

William WHITE was appointed overseer of road district No. ?, tp 42,
range 6? e.

???? being ??ticed that taxes ??? on ?? ??, ?? ??tp ?? r?, had ???
paid, same were stricken off the books.

Committee from F. & L. Union, cou??sting of Charles WAHIRON?, R. G.
MORGAN, George MONRO, J. A. TUTTLE and R. McCORMACK, presented the

To the Hon. County Court of Jefferson County - At a regular meeting of
the Farmers’ and Laborers’ Union, held at De Soto on the 24th day of
April, 1890, a resolution was unanimously adopted, requesting your
honorable body to loan the public school funds of this county at the
rate of six per cent, interest per annums, and we, the committee,
appinted by the organization composed of a majority of the farmers of
this county, besides many engaged in other occupations, respectfully
ask that the prayer of the petition be granted.

After deliberation the court made the order requested.

Thomas WELSH was appointed Justice of the Peace of Valle township, to
fell vacancy caused by the death of Henry ROBERTS.

A. F. HOFFMAN & Co. were granted license to keep a dramshop at Silica.

[note from Linda in MO - dramshop A shop or barroom where spirits are
sold by the dram.
from Websters 1913 dictionary]

Responsible citizens of Meramec township, having so ser??ed? $???
towards repairing the road near Pacific bridge, the court appropriated
a like amount, to be expended under supervision of Owen McCOURT?, the

Taxes on ?? sw, sec 35? tp 39 r 5, were compromised for $3, on lots 1,
2 and 3, ????, C. C. FLETCHER’s addition to De Soto, at $10, on ??
acres, east part of southwest frt qr. sec 41 tp 40 r 5, and 21 acres,
north part southwest frt, sec 12 tp 40 r4, and lot 4 of survey 392?,
were reduced in valuation to $75, for years 188? to 1889. Valuation of
lot 8, block ??, De Soto, was reduced to $10, and lot 4, block 2,
Sulphur Springs, to $100.

Treasurer was ordered to loan school funds to Joseph THOMA???, $450 AND
W. P. WILLIAMS $1030?.

Petition for new road from south side of Meramec river, in sec 12 tp 43
r 3, at what is known as Bald Hill ford, thence along eastern line of
William HOWELL’s land and on his land to an old county road; thence in
same direction and on his land to new county road leading from LaBarque
creek, a distance of three fourths of a mile. Commissioner was ordered
to survey same and report next term.

Petition for new road at point in county road on east line of survey
???. thence north on and following a road now used between the Sarpy
lands and P. BYRNE’s to Jacob DIEHL’s; thence ???? to D. BONACKER and
Wm. BARLEY’s lands; thence on said road through lands of F. FRANK and
intersection of county road in sec 23 tp 43 range 4. Commissioner
ordered to survey and report at next term.

Petition for new road from a point on public road, near residence of
Ephraim WILLIAMS; thence southwesterly across lands of W illiam
HOLDINGHAUS and W. S. JEWETT; thence between lands of said persons to
George BENNETT’s northeast corner; thence south, along BENNETT’s east
line, to his southeast corner; thence southwest across lands of W. B.
JEWETT and Robert STEWART, to near JEWETT’s residence; thence south,
along line between sections 31 and 32 and 5 and 6 to survey 160?;
thence to Festus, near R. C. MOORE’s crossing of Crystal railway.
Commissioner ordered to survey and report at next term.

Permit was given the Town of Hillsboro to use a cell in the jail as a
[note from Linda in MO - calaboose - A prison; a jail. From Websters
1913 dictionary]

Orders made to loan school funds to Charles WALDRON, $????, E. S.
MANESS $200 and Peter STROUP $650?

Place of voting in Bowles’ precinct, Rock township, was fixed a
BERRESHEIM school house.

Interested citizens, having subscribed $150 towards repairing county
road running west out of Kimmswick, court appropriated a like sum, to
be expended under supervision of U. S. WELLS.

Petition for appointment of overseer of Festus district, continued
until report of election in said district is received.

Resignation of F. C. LUCKEY, as Constable of Joachim township, was
accepted and Oscar OGLE appointed to fill the vacancy.

Report of inquest by Coroner BRUCE, over body of a floater, was
approved and feebill of $15.75 allowed.

Account of LOVING and SOMERS, for guarding Bob COLLIER, was not allowed.

The following demands against the county were allowed:

Cans, Hemme?, furniture for Circuit clerk, $40.90
J. J. HOEKEN, goods county farm $15.53
J. J. HOEKEN, goods courthouse $4.15
J. J. HOEKEN, repairing grave rd $234.??
Wm. DOORR? [OR DOERR?], work on gravel road
George D. BARHARD, stationary
Mrs. LIVERAN [OR LIVERAU], keeping pauper
S. P. McKEAN, keeping paupers
S. P. McKEAN, keeping insane
S. P. McKEAN, sewing for paupers
W.R. DONNELL, county clerk
W.R. DONNELL, secreter B. of Eq.
W.R. DONNELL, cash for freight
jJ. B. DOVER, road hands
jJ. B. DOVER, road commissioner
jJ. B. DOVER, member board of equalization
James HOPSON, same service
Henry SECKMAN, same service
Andy? L. GREEN?, taking pauper to county farm
R. W. McMULLIN publishing
Sylvanus? GRAY, nursing pauper
James HOPSON, county judge
Henry S??MAN, county judge
T. A. C?????, county judge
William D???rr, roadoverseer
Mrs. RODGERS, pauper
F. J. SHEIBLE, county treasurer

Thomas MERSEAL was ordered loaned $500? school funds

Commissioner ‘s report of survey of new road, from intersection of
Kimmswick with Lemay Ferry road, northeast ??? Rock Creek road, through
lands of N. ??????, H. Sch??, Peter CHRIST, Robert P???, ???? MOIL?, G.
ZIEGLER, and Casper ????r, was approved, road ordered opened and
established ????? wide.

The clerk was ordered to request the various ??? ???? ????? of miles of
public ??? in their respective districts, so that the ???? ??? may be
appointed. ?? ??? as said? reports are ??? ???, the County clerk is to
make the appointment.

Section 21?, 25? and 26?, township 39?, range ?, and sections 31?, 32?
and 34?, and south hall and northwest ???? ??, township ??
?????????????. [very light, can’t read]

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