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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON DEMOCRAT May 15, 1890 Part 6 volunteer transcription
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transcribed by Linda in MO
Jefferson Democrat, Jefferson County, Missouri
Thursday, May 15, 1890 - part 6

A very pretty wedding took place in St. Louis, at the Lafayette Park
Baptist church, on the evening of the 30th ult., the contracting
parties being Dr. F. B. KENNER, of Farmington, and Miss Allie, oldest
daughter of the late Jacob J. and Laura C. LETCHER?. The bride, a
prettie brunette, never was lovelier than in her bridal robe of cream
white faille fran??ise, with court train and bodice cut in V, filled in
with soft folds of white silk tuile. She carried a bouquet of bridal
roses and water lilies. Her attendance were Miss Sallie LETCHER and
Miss Anna CRAFT, attired exactly alike in cream white Henrie? cloth,
made dancing length, with corsage “en V” and sleeves met by long gants
de? Suede?. Each carried a bunch of ???? roses. The bridal cortege
entered the church in the following order: Mrs. Laura C. LETCHER
leaning on the arm of her brother, Herbert RAILE; Mrs. Mary MEGGITT,
attended by her son, Alexander; MRS. C. C. RAILE AND Alex HALLE, Mrs.
C. A. CRAFT and Mrs. Frank RUSSELL, G. W. COLLINS and lady, C. L. HOGG
and lady, Ed. MURDOCH and Miss Fannie LETCHER, Eugene HALLE and Miss
Fannie CRAFT; next came the ushers, Messrs. Ward, John???? and NAGEL;
Miss Sallie LETCHER, leaning on the arm of Mr. CAVE?. Miss Anna CRAFT
and L. PEERS, followed by bride and groom The ceremony was performed by
Rev. Dr. WILLIAMS, after which the bridal party were driven to the
residence of the bride’s grandmother, on Pine street, where a
reception followed, lasting from 8 until 11. the presents were
beautiful and numerous. The happy couple left? on the steamer “Gem?
One?” for a short trip south, before going to their home at Farmington.

$2500 Worth of Property Cheap
For sale at Public Auction in the Town of Hillsboro, Jefferson Co.,
Mo., May 17th, 1890, property in the Town of Victoria, as follows: One
grocery store with two living rooms overhead and cellar; also in the
same day will be offered one new dwelling house of ? rooms and cellar,
within 14 feet of store, to highest bidder, for cash or ???? security.
Plenty of good water and shade on lot, which is 70x??? feet. No
encumbrance title perfect. A grocery store badly needed there.
Wm. ??????

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Crystal and Festus
by Damphool

A heavy storm passed over the twin cities last Monday night. It shook
up one camp considerable, and the rain fell in torrents. No damage was

???? good authority I may state that the depot of the narrow gauge
railroad will be built on MOORE’s addition to Festus. MOORE says he
will build a good street to the station. Take it all in all the mile is
convenient to Festus as the one on the BAILY crossing; but we Main
street fellows are mad anyhow.

I went to see Mayor ADAMS yesterday to inform myself of the healing
progress of his injuries, inflicted on him by Pete BARTON last week.
ADAMS is not materially disfigured, but his nose is considerably
flattened by the fracture of the nasal bone. His cheek bone gives him
trouble, though, and a good sized scar will remain on his face. The
deplorable incident is still the conversation topic of the town.

I have heard some very favorable comments on the new wood-preserving
oil, now in store and for sale at B.”? BARKER’s carpenter shop. BARKER,
being a first class mechanic, detected the superior merits of the fluid
and, therefore, applied for the agency. Real estate owner, who pre?er
to save time and money by saturating all wood work exposed to weather
with this oil, would do well to give this new preserving material an
impartial trial.

The twin cities seem to be destination of vagrant and destitute people
of late, especially since the narrow gauge is built. Last Saturday an
unfortunate demented cripple - a woman - was seen on the streets of
Festus, begging from door to door. Next day she entered the house of
Mr. HALE just west of the city, and there was taken with a severe
epileptic fit. Mr. HALE called the attention of squire JENNINGS to the
case but nothing could be done for her. The spell being over she got up
and wandered away, God knows where to. She claimed to have come from
Bonne Terre.

Last Saturday George FLINT and John SCHNEIDER, of De Soto, came up to
hold prayer meeting, and our salvation army gathered around them and
the meeting began at once to do homage to Father GAMBRINNS?. The
service was held in Billy GORMAN’s chapel in the rear, and Elders F.
KIRIN, D. ????K, Th. UNDERBERRY, R. KEMPSTER, Chas. EDWARDS and others,
conducted the services, which consisted in ringing glass bells and
singing hymn, such as Yankee Doodle. Service closed in the Star Parlor,
at ? a.m. Sunday afternoon missionary work commenced in the wilderness,
and one heathen, John MILLER was converted. He clings to the faith with
ardent spirit and composed the new hymn “?????? ???, ?? ????? war?”
etc. The next meeting will be held in WAMPLER’s? church, De Soto, where
more convertions will be made.

We have another departure to town. The former [...?...] at
KINNERMAN’s? sharp? corner is practicing veterinary doctorism. As an
experiment he bought a horse from the present owner of the corner and
that was fatal - not to Frank but to the horse. Frank counted the teeth
and it had ????? so he concluded it was nine years old. But the blaste?
“hippa?” caught the belly ??????? and Frank had cured many such case by
pouring a quart or two of moonshine whiskey down the patient’s throat
and thinking what is good for man is good for beast, he poured a quart
of NNY? down the nag’s throat. The nag turned its eyes, laid down and
died. And now we know why some fellows say “this whiskey is strong
enough to kill a horse.” Frank an not understand yet what the other
fellow ment by telling him that he know the horse for years, but never
saw it take a quart of ????.

Our immortal? artists - some? call them fathers? - are bad musicians,
that is true, but they could beat St. Peter on the sea? of Gaillea
fishing. With broom sticks, strings, crooked hair pins and glass
whistles well corked, they started on a fishing tour the other day,
down Plattin creek. They were happy and tooted the whistles many times
on the way, and that made them happier. WILHELM took a conference with
the fish and plunged in, but only said ????, and when he came up he was
wet and they tooted the whistle again. Then they found an oyster bed
and fed? on a dozen raw, and whistled. MEYER found timber? to make
ca?e?, and they whistled. Now they were happiest and came home, and
whistled again. After entering the city gates they tried to take the
town, but the people only allowed them the streets, and they took them
fully and whistled. B???? will start a pottery with the clay he carried
home on his coat, and the ????? two signed partnership papers and
broke the whistling machine.
Festus May 13, 1890

List of Conveyances
Filed with the Recorder during th week ending on last Tuesday:
F. C. SMITH to S. W. CRAWFORD at al interest in 12 acres, ???? 3,
township 39, range 4
T. A. JAMES, to same and same
Catharine LYNCH to Geo. GARNER?, 59? acres, section 12 tp, range 6?
Oscar WICHNS? to Alex and Peter McARTHUR, 114a, sec 55 tp 41 r 5
J. W. NULL et al to J. W. NULL, JR., 89?acres in survey ???
W. H. H. THOMAS to J. W. FLETCHER, lot in DONNELLY’s addition to De Soto
Peter ?ILLY to Wm. H. P????, lot in Festus

[AD] Consumption Cured, W. A. NOYES, Rochester, N.Y.

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Circuit Court.
The regular term of the Jefferson County Circuit Court opened Monday,
Judge THOMAS being absent, Judge DINNING was elected to hold the court.
D. B. VEAZEY and John H. REPPY are attending to the clerks duties,
while Sheriff MAUPIN is assisted by P. A. MARSDEN and Ed. FORREST.

The grand jury got to work by noon, Monday. It is compounded of W. J.
FITZMORRIS, as foreman, and W. H. CASE, Charles H. WINER, A. H. MOORE,
John I. R???L, Oliver CROMWELL, Jr., John ???, J. F. SHANNON, Hudson
VIVRETT and William SWABERT. SWABERT was summoned in place of Philip
HINK, excused.

Several cases were compromised and discussed, others continued and
venue changed in some, so that comparatively little work was done.

Frank BROOK?, John W. HUSLAM, Martin PAPOLIS?, John ONJE? and Chas.
KARTE were made citizens of the United States.

Change of venue will be granted on application of defendants in the
case of James F. NICHOLDS and Alex M. FOSTER against the Crystal Plate
Glass Co.

The Kelm-Bathon? case, which has been tried tow or three times, was
compromised and dismissed, each to pay a portion of the cost.

To the Public - My 14-year-old boy, George W., having left his home, I
here-by notify all that I will not be responsible for any debts he may
contract, nor will I claim his wages, but will permit him to make his
own contracts and earn his own living, and will not be responsible for
debtor bills or any other exposes on his account. May 12, 1890. William
T. ROGERS? [that name could be totally wrong, its my best guess.]

[AD] The Gust. Hamel Mfg. Co., De Soto, Mo.
[AD] Bees! Bees! J. B. DOVER, Victoria, Mo.

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