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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: JEFFERSON DEMOCRAT May 15, 1890 Part 4 volunteer transcription
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 05:05:32 -0600


transcribed by Linda in MO
Jefferson Democrat, Jefferson County, Missouri
Thursday, May 15, 1890 - part 4

[third page]

[first column cut off on left, not transcribed, mostly ads]

[second column]

Items of News

For cheap good go to HOEKEN’s Cash Store, Hillsboro

Burns, cuts, etc, can be cured by using Dr. Hoffman’s Golden Ointment

F. WILLIAMS, of Crystal City, will be ready to furnish strawberries to
customers next week.

For drugs, medicine, etc, go to the Opera House Drug Store, De Soto.

Go to the Opera House Drug Store for any thing you need in the way of
standard medicines, perfumery, etc.

Mr. and Mrs. MIDDENDORFF, and Miss P??H [could be PESH?], who have been
visiting H. SLEMERS?[or SIEMERS?], returned to St. Louis this week.

Said he to her: “ Get a 25-cent bottle of Dr. F. TRANDT’s celebrated
Cough Drops and stop your cough. Sure cure.”

The finest assortment of perfumery and toilet articles, at the Opera
house Drug Store.

G. W. LANHAM has got a copyright on his system of penmanship, and will
have his books in circulation at an early date.

Beware of fraudulent imitations in Dr. HOFFMAN’s Family Medicines, F.
TRANDT’s are the only genuine.

A sure cure for nervous headache - Dr. F. TRANDT’s Indian Healing
Liniment. For sale by all dealers.

Barney WYNN lost his fine mare with distemper. Mr. CRAMUER and Louis
PARTNEY also lost some horses with same disease.

Bargains in Millinery and Notions, for the next sixty days, at Mrs.
PRIMM’s, De Soto, Mo.

We carry the best men’s and boys’ shoes in the county for the least
money, at the Square Deal Clothing House.

Jacob GROB fell from a load of hay, near Victoria, last Tuesday, and
broke one of his legs. Dr. FARRAR set the broken limb, and we presume
Jacob will recover in the usual time.

Boy’s and children’s suits from $1 upwards, at the Square Deal Clothing
House, De Soto, jMo.

Men’s and boys’ hats, in all styles and shapes, at reduced prices, at
the Square Deal Clothing House.

Licensed to marry -
Lou [or Ioa?] McNOUNAN? or McNAUNAN? and Martha B. DUTTON
Samuel H. WASHBURN and Susan M. WOODS
John W. SUTTON and Julia M. PASHA
Jacob F. D. MAGELE? or MUGELE? and Paulina O. NUGELE.

Max FROMHOLD, at De Soto, sells a superior metal polish for silver,
copper and brassware, bar fixtures, etc.

For a full line of first-class ladies’, gents’ and children’s shoes -
sold at bottom prices - go to E. KEMPE, De Soto.

Mr. Louis PARTNEY, carried last week “an awful big black eye.” H was
cleaning out his orchard, when a limb struck him a violent blow,
closing up one optic. The sight will not be injured.

Gent’s furnishing goods will be sold below St. Louis prices, at the
square Deal Clothing House, De Soto.

At the Commercial Exchange in De Soto, you can get the best brands of
imported wines and liquors; also fine alcohol.

All kinds of riding can be seen in De Soto now, but they do say that
the funniest ride of all occurred last week when the boys placed. C. W.
HARMONY on a stray jennet, and forced him to ride down Main street.

[note from Linda in MO - JENNET, a small Spanish horse; the word is
sometimes applied in English to a mule, the offspring of a she-ass and
a stallion. Jennet comes, through Fr. genet, from Span. jinete, a light
horseman who rides a la gineta, explained as with his legs tucked up.
The name is taken to be a corruption of the Arabic Zenta, a Berber
tribe famed for its cavalry. English and French transferred the word
from the rider to his horse, a meaning which the word has only acquired
in Spain in modern times.]

If you want a lifetime-lasting roof get the Washington red-cedar
shingles, kept only by the Gust. HAMEL Mfg. Co., De Soto, Mo.

For the latest improved spring hoe grain drill and wheat fan go to
HACKE’s Agricultural Depot, De Soto, Mo. They are warranted to give

“Ayer’s Medicines have been satisfactory to me throughout my practice ,
especially Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, which has been used by many of my
patients, on of whom says he knows it saved his life.” - F. L. MORRIS,
M.D., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Check your cough by using Dr. F. TRANDT’s celebrated Cough Drops only
25 cents per bottle. Best in the world. Every body keep them.

Wanted - A girl for general house work. Good wages for a competent
person. Apply to Mrs. M.? J. HARRIS, Sulphur Springs, Mo.

Young GILLERT, of Rock township, called at the jail Monday, evening,
and asked to be permitted to talk to his brother, who is a prisoner.
The Sheriff let him to the jail, turned the keys and walked away,
forgetting all about his visitor till next morning.

Pains in the back can be gotten rid of by one, application of Dr. F.
TRANDT’s Indian Healing Liniment. Ask your dealer for it.

25 Men Wanted!
Wanted, 25 men, to work in quarry on Hillsboro and Victoria gravel
road. Apply to Jos. J. HOEKON?, Hillsboro, Mo.

That tired, debilitated feeling, so peculiar to Spring, indicates
depraved blood. Now is the time to prove the beneficial effects of
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. I cleans the system, restores physical energy,
and infuses new life and vigor into every fibre of the body.

15 men wanted to work in clay mines; steady work at 1.25 to 1.4? per
day. Also one or two men with small families. Address, I. MAUDLE? or
MUNDIE?, Regina, Mo.

Those needing anything in the line of Saddlery, Harness, &r., are
invited to call at my store, as I am making a change in my business and
selling out everything at net cost. H. HAMEL, De Soto, Mo.

The De Soto fishermen, whom we mentioned last week, brought back a lot
of fish. Through the kindness of Max FROMHOLD, who was of the party, we
have been permitted to handle a specimen of their catch. It is one of
the largest and almost? dried herriegs? we ever saw.

Sadallery and Harness are now going at cost at H. HAMEL’s, De Soto, Mo
Those who need anything in that line should call soon and secure a

Plows, Cultivators, Corn planters, Corn drills, Reapers and Mowers, and
other farming implements, all of the best make and at lowest prices, at
Henry HERTGEN’s Hillsboro, Mo.

Rev. J. W. HARWOOD will preach in Hillsboro next sabbath at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.. He will also complete the organization of a class after
evening services. There will be prayer meeting tonight, Thursday. He
will preach at [can’t read name] house, in district ?, township 52, at
3:30? p.m. All are cordially invited.

For sale at a bargain a new Rundey? thresher and Buffalow Pitts engine,
in complete running order. Thresher run only a part of last season.
Address, Wm. ??HL? or Henry H????, ?????, Mo.

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