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Subject: Re: [MOJEFFER] Death Notices , cemetery records etc.
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 22:18:25 EDT

With respect to the records of Bethlehem Cemetery...

I was there about 7 years ago and spent some time with the elderly caretaker,
who lived about a mile down the road from the cemetery and church. I do not
recall his name...and had a heck of a time locating it to begin with as the
church has (had) no phone.

There were, he and his wife told me, no written records except what the two
of them had produced. Several years before, they had developed a plot map,
with info recorded from each stone, amking where they thought other, unmarked
graves were. (I recall they said they had even plumbed possible plots to
determine if vaults or coffins were there.) Then they added new information
as burials occurred. They generously lent me the original map when I went
out to locate the graves of my great-grandparents (Henry Martin EOFF and
Lucresa NULL EOFF) and my 2xgreatgrandfather (Jasper EOFF).

Unfortunately, I didn't have the understanding then of what I had rolled up
in my hands! Were that to happen today, I would have located a copier
someplace in Grubbville and environs!

Jerri Eoff Sudderth

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