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Subject: [MOHOWARD-L] Higbee News, 1 Feb 1895-22 Feb 1895
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1 Feb 1895--FROM CLARK--John Cross received the sad intelligence Saturday that his
mother was very sick. She died Sunday and was buried near Armstrong Monday. She
was a noble, good woman and will be sadly missed by husband, children, relatives and

1 Feb 1895--Born, on the 27th, to Martin Gice and wife, a son.

1 Feb 1895--Born, on the 26th, to Orville White and wife, a daughter.

1 Feb 1895--Mrs. Julia Clark died at her home in Moberly last Friday, of cancer of the
face, aged about 70 years.

1 Feb 1895--Died, on the 26th, Mrs. D. A. Martin aged about fifty years. The remains
were buried Monday eve at the City cemetery.

1 Feb 1895--John Lazenby, a farmer living about four miles west of Fulton, met with a
horrible death last Saturday evening. He left Fulton in a two-horse wagon and when
passing McIntire's ice house on the outskirts of town his team became unmanageable and
ran away, throwing Lazenby out. In some manner he was caught in the running gear of
the wagon. His head was crushed and his body horribly mutilated. He was about 60
years of age and leaves a large family--Mexico Intelligencer.

1 Feb 1895--Judge Thomas R. Betts one of the most prominent men in Howard county,
died at his home in Fayette Monday night of heart trouble, aged 63 years. He was an
upright man and a good citizen and for eight years had been judge of the Probate court of
the county. He was an active member of the Baptist church and a deacon for many years.
He was also a member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows and A. O. U. W. societies. Judge
Betts was a kind hearted high-minded gentleman and his loss will be deeply felt by the
citizens of that county.

1 Feb 1895--Died, near Roanoke on the 27, of dropsy Mrs. Margaret A. Cross wife of
John Cross, aged 58 years.

1 Feb 1895--Died, at her home at Renick, on the 28th of January, of cancer of the
stomach after an illness of two months, Mrs. John McCune. Mrs. McCune was a sister of
Hon. C. A. Dougherty, of Howard county. The remains were buried at Mount Pleasant
Church near Myers Wednesday.

1 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Born, to the wife of Tom Sword a boy.

1 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Born to the wife of Ben Walker a girl.

8 Feb 1895--Born, on the 4th, to John S. Rule and wife a daughter.

8 Feb 1895--Died, near Huntsville, Wednesday of last week, W. A. Sears, of pneumonia,
aged 73 years.

8 Feb 1895--W. D. Frazier, an old citizen of Audrain county, was run over by a passenger
train near Mexico Wednesday and fatally injured.

8 Feb 1895--C. O. Temple the Wabash agent and operator at Centralia committed suicide
Wednesday by shooting himself through the head. He was 27 years old and single.

8 Feb 1895--Mrs. John A. Holtzclaw died last Saturday, the 2nd, after an illness of
congestion of the stomach, aged about 40 years. She leaves a husband and four little girls
to mourn her loss. She was buried Monday at Washington church, Howard county. Mr.
Holtzclaw and children have the sympathy of the entire community.

8 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--The death of Mrs. Elizabeth McCune which
occurred on the morning of Jan. 28th at the residence of her husband, Elder John
McCune, in Renick, has cast a gloom over the relatives, her numerous acquaintances and
many friends which only time can soften but not remove. Her remains were brought to
Mt. Pleasant for interment, where many of her happiest years were spent. The leading
facts in the history of Elizabeth McCune can be stated in a few words. She was the
daughter of Joseph and Kitty Dougherty, and was born in Howard county, MO,
November 15, 1831. After the death of her mother she was the comforter of her afflicted
father and the support of the family. Such she continued to be until united in marriage
Jan 29, 1878, when she resigned her position with perfect grace. By the force of her
example she contributed to the establishment of perfect confidence and cordial sympathy
in the completed family circle. She was admitted to full communion in the Mount
Pleasant Christian church in 1857. On the occasion of her funeral the depth of the
sympathy of the community was manifested by the large attendance at the church (The
rest omitted, because it was a sermon, without any reference to the above).

8 Feb 1895--Court docket: Mary F Ragsdale vs G. W. Ragsdale

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Married, in Huntsville on the 9th, James Ballantine and Miss Mary
Smead both of Higbee.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Married, in Moberly on the 12th Jasper Fullington and Miss Nora
Bagby. The News extends good wishes.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Two cases of the city of Higbee against James Collins for
disturbance of the peace, appealed from the police court to the circuit court were
dismissed at defendant's cost, and the decision of the lower court affirmed.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Joe Haines and Chas. Sparkman had a difficulty at a party near
Darksville Monday night, when Haines drew his knife and made at Sparkman who pulled
a pistol and fired three shots at Haines, all of which took effect. At last accounts Haines
was alive. Sparkman about two years ago shot and killed a Negro in the Moberly jail for
insulting his sister.

Friday 15 Feb 1895--Died, southeast of Moberly on the 8th Mrs. J. P. Martin of general
debility age 74 years. Funeral services will be held at New Hope church Sunday by Rev.
R. Wilkinson after which the remains were laid to rest.

Friday 15 Feb 1895--Died, on the 13th at his residence near Elliott, after a lingering
illness Mr. Rice Mashall (Marshall?) aged 55 years. Deceased leaves a wife and several
children to mourn his death. Funeral services were conducted at the residence at two
o'clock yesterday by Eld John McCune after which the remains were interred in the
Anderson burying ground. The News extends sympathy to the grief stricken family.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Mr. James White, of Renick, and Miss Musa, the accomplished
daughter of Thomas Brockman, were united in marriage Thursday evening of last week.
The News extends good wishes.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--FROM CLARK--H. T. Johnson attended the funeral of his brother,
Benjamin F. Johnson, who died in Salisbury last Friday. Bro. J. W. Ramsey preached a
very appropriate sermon and had many kind words to say about this good Christian man
who had been a faithful member of the Methodist church for over 22 years.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Col. Benjamin Northcott of Linnues, MO, died last week of
paralysis, at the advanced age of 77 years. He was a very noted man a preacher of the M.
E. church. In 62 he helped to raise the 73rd regiment, volunteer infantry, of Ill, and
became Colonel of same. This regiment was composed entirely of preachers. He was a
member of the board of curators of the state University at Columbia--Slater Index.

Friday, 15 Feb 1895--Keytesville MO, Feb 6--There recently died here a lady in many
respects a remarkable woman. Mrs. Ann Egbert. Her maiden name was Shands, and she
was born in Virginia 60 years ago. She came to Keytesville about 1867 and she taught
school for many years. In 1878 she returned to Kentucky and was married to Dr. Egbert,
and left a widow about 1885. She went to Muskogee I. T. where she taught in the Indian
schools for seven years. She returned to Keytesville, where she had hosts of friends, in
1893. She scarcely ever spent a cent for herself, and her dress, which she hardly ever
removed, was of the poorest material. She possessed some fine farms and had several
thousand dollars loaned out. All her notes, mortgages and deeds she carried in a package
hid in the folds of an old blouse waist, from which she had not parted company for years.
Her outer clothing was not removed when she slept.
One morning recently she stepped into a neighbor's house and said that she had
been sick all night. Being urged to lie down she did so, and died in a few minutes.
The women who prepared the body for burial were horrified to find that her body
was wrapped in rags. So tightly did the ragged wrappings cling to her limbs that parts
had to be cut away with scissors. This brought to light quite a sum on money, $490 in
all. Gold pieces in twenties, tens, and five's were found. About her waist was a belt
containing a large amount of paper money, some of it so molded and stuck together as to
be almost ruined. A part of this was made up of 10, 25, and 50 cent paper currency of 20
years ago. There were also a number of stockings fastened by the toes to her
undergarments and filled with all manner of odds and ends, like pieces of wrapping
twine, iron rings, nails, door keys, scraps of ribbon, dress goods, lace and hairpins.
Her will parcels out her property to her nephews and nieces and also provides
some small bequests in cash to friends in Keytesville.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--Died, at his home near Steinmetz station, last Saturday morning,
Samuel Steinmetz, aged 84 years.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--Died, of consumption, on the 17th, Wesley Cleeton, aged 21 years.
His remains were buried at New Hope Church Howard county Monday.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--Married, in Huntsville on Saturday the 16th, Robert Ells of Higbee
and Miss Cora Mason of Clifton Hill, Rev. Lingo officiating. The News extends good

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--Married, near Armstrong, on the 20th, Wm. Enyart and Miss Lizzie
Martin. The happy couple left at once for Atlanta, MO, where they will make their future

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--Married, on the 20th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr.
Thos. Rimer and wife near Edina, MO, Mr. C. C. Whitmire and Miss Lucy Rimer. They
arrived Thursday and will make their future home on their farm west of town. The News
extends congratulations.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Born, to the wife of Tom Dougherty, a girl.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Born, on 12th to Wm. Hargis and wife, a
boy; it died on 13th.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Born, to the wife of Lee Lynch on the 12th,
a girl. It died the same day.

Friday, 22 Feb 1895--FROM HARRISBURG--Joseph Dougherty purchased the Griggs
farm last Thursday. We did not learn what he paid.

Kathy Bowlin
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