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From: Donna Cooper <>
Subject: [MOBARRY] New
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 12:52:27 -0800 (PST)

We have a wonderful collection of Wilson family photos that includes some other
family connections. In the album that Judy Wilson shared with us are 7 photos.

Here is what she has to say about them all -

These below are the children of David Alexander and Amanda (Burk) Wilson. 

Both David A. and Amanda Wilson were born near Athens, McMinn County, TN. They
lived in the Osa-Mars Hill community and are both buried at Osa Cemetery. These
photos are from a small portrait album belonging to Stephen F. Wilson, David
A.’s nephew. They were taken around 1870 by Wm. Decker, Photographer, N.E. Cor.
Public Square, Mt. Vernon, MO. 

Those pictured include the following:

1) Harrison H. Wilson, born 13 Nov.1849, McMinn County; TN, died 9 Feb. 1920,
buried in Osa; married to Miriam Miller and Alice McCormack.

2) Mary Jane Wilson Hilton, born 7 Jan. 1852, Barry County, MO; died 1 April
1896, buried in Mars Hill; married to John Wesley Hilton, Jr.

3) John Wesley Hilton, Jr., born 19 July 1850, Scott County, VA, the son of John

Wesley Hilton and Alice Smith Hilton; died 3 June 1927, buried in Mars Hill;
married to Mary Jane Wilson.

4) Nancy E. Wilson, born 8 Feb. 1854, Barry County; died 3 Dec. 1893, buried in
Osa; married to Jeremiah Bynum Ellis.

5) Pope H. Wilson, born 27 July 1859, Barry County; died 27 Feb. 1883, buried in

Osa; married to Elizabeth Gudge.

6) Sarah E. Wilson, born 26 Mar. 1862, Barry County; died 28 Jan. 1941, buried
in Osa; married to William A. Hubbard.

7) Timothy S. Wilson, born 31 Dec. 1863, Barry County; died 26 Sept. 1909,
buried in Osa; married Mary E. Fairburn.

Thanks, Judy for sharing with us.

Donna Cooper

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