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From: Donna Cooper <>
Subject: [MOBARRY] New
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 14:16:49 -0800 (PST)

List Readers, here below is the link for the updated index page for Barry
County. This page has some detail about each file folder that we have on the
site. However, it is only a listing of the main pages so it really isn't a true
index page.

The index for the site is totally a different thing, which most of you probably
are aware of and understand. It is what Free Find - the search engine - indexes
each day.

Every single day all the Barry County data is indexed that the robot can read.
So that is why we always want news items typed and all other things that scan as
a photo. Photos can not be indexed - just the name of the file and sometimes not
even that.

At the bottom I have included a photo of my study area - thought you might like
to see where I work.

Here is the link

We have over 68,000 photos on the site according to my Picasa3 file. There are
some duplicates in it so that is probably over-stated somewhat. It is likely
that we have around 50,000 and so that would be pretty accurate.

On this page I have summed up the year of 2010 - but will add some more later
today. We have had a very good year and are almost finished with the cemetery
project. It will, however, take me a few more months to add the photos for what
we have on hands.

My time out for the holidays will include Christmas with family in California -
but I will have my lap top - just won't be posting much during that time.

And here is the updated page for Barry County - and this page is a mini-listing
because it has no descriptive words to go with the links. It opens faster and is

Donna Cooper

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