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Hi Richard,
The reason I am asking about Michigan is that I found this note in the Athens newspaper West Alexander, 17 Oct 1895.
W. H. Mitchell is making an extended visit in Northern Michigan, the guest of his brothers, Pulaski and Robert Mitchell. I thought at first that it might be my William Mitchell but, I proved (I don't remember how) that it was not my William. I think there most be a million William Mitchells. We are mailing my husbands DNA today.
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Thank you for the E-mail, I'm trying to catch up with mail, just caught yours.

Thought I would pass this on about billing if you were referring to DNA:
As mentioned before, for DNA information, prices, etc., please contact
Aneita Allen at <mailto:>,
Please do not discuss prices on the list, as this is against Rootsweb AUP
Thank you.
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I far as I know my Mitchell's was in or around Cuyahoga County, Ohio a time
or two. My great grandfather, James D. Mitchell married, 1878, Mary A. Coleman
born 1856 in Ohio who lived in Cuyahoga County in 1860 & 1870. Their
first-born was in Michigan, second born, Ethyl Pearl Mitchell, in Granger County
Ohio. The balance of their nine children was born in Boyne Falls, Michigan,
Charlevoix County. I'm trying to find out how this Ohio to Michigan accrued and
plan on doing more research there in summer of 2007.

I believe I have found my great great grandfather, George Mitchell, born in
New York and had two son, George b. 1847 & James b. 1850 both in Indiana. He
then must have returned to New York where he had a third son Charles born 1854
in New York.

My ancestors must have moving around, I have most of my research documented
after 1878, prior to then I have a lot to prove and find.

At the present time I'm not aware of a Pulaski Mitchell, however I haven't
much information on my great uncles. Would Pulaski have been born in the 1900s?

I'm in hopes my DNA will link me to other Mitchell’s one day soon, I'm 67
years old and none of the males in my family lived longer than 73.


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Hi Richard,
I left a message in that site for help with billing but, I haven't heard
anything back. That was 3 or 4 days ago. Did you find any of your Mitchells in
Hocking County, Ohio? Do you have a Pulaski Mitchell in Michigan?
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