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Subject: [MILLER-L] Martin and Haman Miller & the Martha Fullers
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Subject: [EzekielFULLER] Martin and Haman Miller & the Martha Fullers

I'm coming to the list again with information gleaned from several people
a question. I would appreciate any and all input. (I really got good
response with additional information and corrections from my Fuller - Babb
question. Thanks to all. Let me know if anyone wants an updated version of
my summary ... want to help but also avoid work if unnecessary.) Back to

Martha Fuller, daughter of Isham Fuller married Haman Miller:

1- About a year ago, Bob sent a wonderful summary of the Millers, Roberts
and Fullers, summarized by Clovis E. Miller. The beginning went like this:
Descendants of Captain Jones Fuller, Jacob Miller and William Roberts Sr.
became a tightly woven group in Laurens Co SC and later moved en masse to
Meriwether Co GA.

John Frederick Miller married Anna Maria Arnd. They had 3 known sons: John
Miller; Jacob Miller; Harman Miller.

Jacob Miller, b 20 May 1778, married Martha Stovall Roberts. They had
a- Sarah Miller who married Jones Fuller (son of Capt. Jones Fuller);
b- Haman Miller who married Martha Fuller (daughter of Isham Fuller);
c- Martha Miller who married Israel Fuller (son of Isham Fuller);
d- Anna Miller who married Peter Fuller (son of Isham Fuller);
e- Roberts Miller;
f- Elizabeth Miller (in Jacob Miller's 1829 will as; Elizabeth Fuller
in the 1825
Deed of Gift as Elizabeth
g- Jacob Miller Jr.
h- Martin Miller is believed to have been another son although no
documented proof has been uncovered to date to substantiate this as fact.
married Martha Fuller (daughter of Celah Fuller and Arthur Fuller).

William Roberts Sr. had 6 known children:
(William came from Halifax Co NC to Randolph Co NC where he died. Sarah died
in 1809 in Laurens Co SC.)
a- Martha Stovall Roberts who married Jacob Miller (see above)
b- Elizabeth Roberts who married Isham Fuller. They were the parents
Martha, Israel and Peter Fuller listed above.
c- Sarah Roberts who married John Stanfield and lived in Randolph Co NC
d- Frances Roberts who married Haman Miller, brother of Jacob Miller,
and lived in Randolph Co NC
e- Mary Ann Roberts who married Rev. Richard Shackelford and lived in
Laurens Co SC
f- James Roberts settled in Randolph Co NC
Note that:
Martha Fuller, daughter of Isham Fuller married Haman Miller.
Martha Fuller, daughter of Arthur Fuller married Martin Miller.

2. This is what I have learned about Haman Miller and Martha Fuller,
daughter of Isham Fuller, I think it's Isham, but not sure.

MARTHA "PATSY" FULLER MILLER - b 1789 in Randolph Co NC; d in after 1830 in
Laurens Co SC; m 13 Jan 1805 in Laurens Co SC to Haman Miller, son of Jacob
Miller and Martha Stovall Roberts, who was b before 1789 in
Randolph Co NC and d 1824.
Patsy and Haman lived in Laurens Co SC. In the 1810 Census of Laurens
SC, Haman was listed in the 16-26 age category; Martha was also in that age
category; 2 females under 10 and 1 male 10-16 who was probably not a son
because in Haman's 1824 estate papers, it indicated that he acted as the
guardian of Agnes and William Young. In the 1820 Census of Laurens Co SC,
Haman (26-45), Martha (26-45) were listed with 3 males under 10 and 2
under 10. The daughters listed in the 1810 census could have been married
1820. [Bonner, will you please check the census for accuracy of this
Haman purchased 72 ? acres on Beaver Dam Creek of Little River
from Jesse Motes on 25 Jan 1817. This land joined that of Jones Fuller NC.
Haman is found in other Laurens Co SC court records. He as a buyer in the
estate sale of Jeremiah Glenn and in 1811, acted as bondsman in the
settlement of the estate of his father-in-law and uncle Isham Fuller Sr.
[This is one reason I think Haman married Martha, Isham's daughter.]
Haman died in 1824 because Jacob Miller Sr, Jacob Miller Jr and
Jones Fuller NC posted a $3,000 administration bond on his estate. Jacob
Miller Jr. was appointed administrator. William and Peter Miller and Jones
Fuller NC were the appraisers. The total amount of the estate sale was
$1,371.81?. The buyers were: Jacob Miller Sr; John S. Miller; Jones, Peter,
Israel and William Fuller; James, Jesse and Bird Roberts. William Fuller
rented the plantation for 2 years at $95. The final settlement occurred in
Feb 1830.
Only 2 of Patsy and Haman's children are known:

MATTHIAS MILLER - b ca 1812 in SC
Mattias was listed in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Censuses
Meriwether Co GA. In the 1850 census he was the neighbor of Israel and
Archibald Fuller. His children were: Haman Miller, age 16, b 9 Jan 1834 in
Paulding Co GA; Martha F. Miller; Martin J. Miller, age 12; Ezekiel W.
Miller, age 9; Marquis L. Miller, age 4; Jones Miller NC, age 1. [Danny,
would you please check the Meriwether Co GA census for accuracy.]

Martin Miller - b ca 1820
Martin was listed in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Censuses of
Meriwether Co GA.

Martha Fuller, daughter of Isham Fuller married Martin Miller:

Now this gets interesting. Jim Wade Miller from Mountville SC has posted
following information. (I have the same information on Martin Miller but I
have him married to Martha Fuller, daughter of Arthur.)

MARTIN MILLER (Jacob3, John Frederick2, Herman1 Mueller) was born 9 Jun 1779
in Mountville, Laurens Co SC and d 5 Mar 1828 in Mountville, Laurens Co SC.
He married MARTHA (PATSY) FULLER 13 Jun 1805 in Laurens District SC,
of Isham Fuller and Elizabeth Roberts. She was born 1789 in Randolph Co NC
and died after 1830 in Laurens Co SC. Martin Miller, probably Sarah's
brother, died before April 1828. His will, written 6 Oct 1827, gave William
Arthur Fuller one year's board and tuition; named his two sons, Franklin
Miller and Albert Miller; gave his wife Martha Fuller Miller all of his
estate. Solomon Fuller witnessed the will. (Laurens Co SC Wills 1825-1853,
Book F-A.) In 1803, Martin Miller of LAurens Co bought 80 of the original
100 acres owned by Peter Roberts in the county (DB H, p 205.) In the 1810
Laurens Co census, Martin Miller's household included 2 sons (Franklin &
Albert); one daughter (Celia) and Martin's wife Martha. Martin was listed
26-45 years of age. Haman Miller was listed on p 40 along with Israel, son
of Isham Fuller, who is believed to have married Jacob's daughter, Martha.
Upon the death of his brother-in-law, Jones Fuller, Martin Miller was
appointed administrator of the estate of Jones Fuller and also the guardian
of the only minor child of Jones Fuller, William Arthur Fuller.

There was a Martha Miller in the 1830 Laurens County census and she was the
widow of Martin Miller who had died in 1828.

Children of Martin Miller and Martha Fuller:
Celia Martin Miller, b 1806; d 1857; m 1) Ellis Motes; m 2) Jesse Teague
Albert Miller, b 1809; d 1856
Franklin Miller, b 1807; d 1866; m Elizabeth A. ---
Jones Miller, b 1821; d 1858; m Eliza K. Teague
Chauncey Martin Miller, b 1827; d 1893; m 1) Nancy Hunter Dunlap; m 2)
Harriet Mae Coleman

3. Richard Fowler who wrote the Kinfolks books about Laurens Co SC may
the answer.

Abt. 1778, and died 1828. He married MARTHA PATSY FULLER Abt. 1805,
ISHAM FULLER and ELIZABETH ROBERTS. She was born Abt. 1789 in North
and died October 01, 1850 in Laurens County, SC.
2. i. CELIA MARTIN MILLER, b. May 01, 1806; d. September 17, 1857, Laurens
County, SC.
ii. FRANKLIN MILLER, b. October 1807; d. 1866.
3. iii. ALBERT MILLER, b. May 08, 1809; d. 1856.
4. iv. HARGROVE MILLER, b. Abt. 1811.
5. v. JACOB MILLER, b. 1815; d. 1882.
vi. HARMON MILLER, b. 1818; d. Abt. 1856; m. NANCY WILLIAMSON.
May have been spelled HAMAN, since several of his ancestors had this name.

Will someone with a fresh mind - I have looked at this until I don't know
what to do next -- review this and give me some suggestions on how to solve
this dilemma? The basic question seems to be which Martha Fuller married
Martin Miller and which one married Haman Miller?

I really appreciate anything anyone can do. Kay

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