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Subject: Re: Obit Lookup Calvin Washburn d 23 Mar 1884
Date: 20 Apr 2005 21:48:05 -0600

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this is the Kal. Library site, let it load, then click on Library Catalog
use " search the catalog"
let that load
then look in upper right corner has
"Local Information" click that
once that page loads..
click on Local Newspaper once that loads....
you can search the index, that will tell you if there is an obit.. I am not sure , what years they have loaded in there but, check that, as you may want other Obits from there.

Now this is the newspaper index area for Willard Library in Battle Creek. I am not sure if it has all the years in it either

this is Just type in the name and click go.. it will search the things on that site, and gives index.
I did checkWillard Lib. for Washburn, Calvin.. got nothing.. but- I did get this
Under Washburn, C.L.
Publication - Coller Collection- ( this is a collection from newspapers, that a newsman kept for his records, that was given to Willard Library at his death )
Edition- D1 Subjects- Woodworth, George H. , Woodworth, Nellie P. Washburn ,Washburn , Nellie P. (Woodworth)
Washburn, C. L.
Date : 03 July, 1892
Page Number- 86-291
now, not sure if that will help you or not.
However, if I get to the Kalamazoo Library, in the near future.. I will check, for an Obit.
But check them 2 sites out.. maybe there will be other WASHBURNS, you may need there. I will look back in a week, to see if you located anymore from this area. Then make a drive to the Kalamazoo Library for you. No Need to make a lot of trips as it cost to park down town.
hope some of this helps,

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