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Subject: Re: [MI-POLISH] Sheeney Man Picture
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 19:38:47 -0400
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Oh the memories! The mention of the produce/vegetable man reminded me of a
wonderful memory.
My Great Aunt's family lived first on 24th and then on Tillman. When she was
five, in 1912, the produce man gave her a little slip of a rose bush because
as he said "you are always such a nice quiet girl when I come". Her Mother
planted it for her. When they moved out to Oakland county they took the rose
bush with them.
To this day I have a piece of that rose bush growing in my yard! It is
referred to as the "grandma rose" in remembrance of this Great Aunt's Mother
our Great Grandmother.
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Subject: Re: [MI-POLISH] Sheeney Man Picture

>I remember the sheeny man that drove his horse drawn cart down the alley
>behind my grandparents home on Sheridan near the Boulevard and Gratiot also
>sharpened knives and scissors. We also were threaten with the "sheeny man
>will get you".
> Let's not forget the horse drawn milk wagon and the horse drawn ice wagon.
> We kids would wait till the ice man was well on his way into my
> grandparents house before we would start to chip some pieces off the
> blocks of ice in his wagon. When he would catch us, he would have a fit.
> The horses were always friendly and would let you do just about anything
> with them. Occasionally the milk man and ice man would let us feed the
> horses.
> Also remember, there were no mosquitoes in Detroit in the mid 40s. After
> the war the old bombers would fly over and spray DDT to kill the
> mosquitoes. Remember seeing them several times while visiting my
> grandparents. We lived in East Detroit at the time and we had mosquitoes.
> Ron Pruss
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>> That picture is quite wonderful. My father lived on Piquette, he was a
>> native
>> Detroiter. He said the neighbor ladies would wait for the Sheeney man to
>> come
>> down the alley, waiting with shovels. After he passed on by, they would
>> scoop
>> the horse poop and use it in their Rose Gardens! :-)
>> Of course, we had the Sheeney Man in Hamtramck. We also had a guy that
>> would
>> come once a year and sell wooden garden furniture off the back of his
>> truck &
>> another fellow would come once a week selling vegetables.
>> It certainly was a colorful time!
>> Carol
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>> Subject: [MI-POLISH] Alleys and trashman (PC)
>> A friend gave me an 8x10 glass negative of a sheeney man. My parents
>> during the
>> 1950s threaten us with the Sheeney man,too. Our alleys were eliminated in
>> the
>> early 1960s.
>> I have to do some restoration with the plate. I scanned it in the
>> condition I
>> received it. You can see someone tired to wipe it. I will use a solution
>> such as
>> photo flo (it Kodak still makes it!) to clean the plate and preserve the
>> emulsion.
>> http://picasaweb.google.com/ceil.jensen/DetroitPolAmFamilyAlbum/photo#5007490472
>> 900716962
>> Ceil
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