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From: "Larry Wallace" <>
Subject: Re: DNA testing
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 19:31:38 -0500

A lot of DNA testing is totally bogus. They should go chromosome
by chromosome. Is #1 largest shared or not same for #2 etc. Then
is the x from the top of the pedigree and Chondriosomes from the
bottom of the pedigree. If there are two sequences are on two
chromosomes you can legitimatly multiply the probability.
The European immigrants were 6 men for every woman. Slavery began
in 1492 with the enslavement of the Carib race, followed by the
Algonquin race, then Negros. In the 1850s the surviving Catholic
Irish were evicted, then numbers were close to equal. 1880 to 1920
immigration was reasonably equal The European immigrants before
1850 married any available women. There are birth certificates
where the mother is listed as unknown.
Then you have San Francisco which had about 350 women in a
population of 850. The goldrush added 10,000 men in their teens and
twenties. San Francisco has since been a gay city.

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