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Subject: DNA testing
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:53:57 EST

Hello, all.

Don't know how many of you saw the search of 9 black people for their
ancestry on PBS the other day. It was quite interesting. Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg,
and others were searchers for their past.

Ceil, do you have addresses and prices for the various types of DNA testing
now possible? I have sent for my mitochondrial DNA (mother) through National
Geographic's project, but I would also like info on who does the patrilineal
DNA, (father's line.)

Plus, I saw on the show that a professor at Penn State, named Mark
Schreiber, does "admixture DNA." This was important for the black people, as some of
them turned out to be 45 and 50% white, and Mae Jemison, the black woman
astronaut, turned out to be a certain percentage of Asian, with no white at all.
Oprah also had no white.

Then professor Schreiber also did a new DNA test which told the 9 people the
approximate country in Africa that their ancestors came from.

Anyway, Ceil, would you be interested in making up a list of the various
types of DNA providers, perhaps to be handed out at your DNA lectures, and to
our MI-POLONIA group?

I don't expect to have any black percentage, but who know? With all the
wars in Poland, there might be a small amount of Asian in my past.

Thanks for all your great help.

Marilyn Plotkowski Zaworski Novak
Albuquerque, NM (formerly of Chicagoland)

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