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Subject: Re: [MEACHAM] early Meacham ancestors
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 12:51:56 -1000
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My wife is descended from Spencer Meacham of Montgomery Co. TN and Marion
Co. IL. Her line from her gg grandmother goes

1.Eliza Ellen MITCHEM, b. 28 Oct 1873 in Wright Co., MO, d. 23 Nov
1965 in Mt. Grove, Wright Co., MO, buried 27 Nov 1965 in Rock Springs, Texas
Co., MO. She married James Wesley "Wes" MCGOWND, married 1890, b. 17 Nov
1870 in Rolla, Phelps Co., MO, d. 4 Jul 1958 in Bendavis, Texas Co., MO,
buried 6 Jul 1958 in Rock Springs Cem., Bendavis, MO.

2.Winfield Scott MITCHEM, b. ABT 1853 in Marion Co., IL, d. 1973 in
MO, buried 1973 in Stubbs Cem., Texas Co., MO (unmarked). He married Laura
Frances Caroline BROWN, married 28 Jul 1872 in Texas Co., MO.

3.John W. MITCHEM/MEACHAM, b. ABT 1819 in Montgomery Co., TN, d. 1876
in Texas Co., MO. He married Mahulda/Hulda C. CHRISTY, married 20 Jun 1840
in Marion Co., IL.

4.John Spencer "Spencer" MEACHEM, b. ca 1780-1790 in Orange Co., NC,
d. ABT 1839 in Meacham Township Marion Co., IL. He married Nancy BARBEE,
married in New Providence, Montgomery Co., TN.

There has been some thought that Spencer died in Tennessee before his family
moved to Illinois. But, the following quotes from histories of Marion
County indicate that Spencer died after arriving in Illinois:

In Brinkerhoff's history of Marion County, Illinois, in the section on pages
208 and 209 concerning Meacham Township it says:

"George Neal and his father-in-law, William Chaffin came to Meacham the same
year, 1837, as did also John Meacham and his wife Nancy, and her son-in-law,
and her single daughter, Henrietta Lilly. They came from Tennessee in 1837.
Henrietta married William Deremiah soon after their arrival. Meacham's
house was the voting place for the precinct and thus his name attached to
the township."

The following is from an earlier history and provides additional

1881 History of Marion and Clinton Counties Illinois" Brink & McDonough, p.
285, chapter entitled "Meacham Township."

"John Deremiah, from Indiana, purchased the claim of William Orender in
1837. Thomas and Julia Deremiah entered land in section three in 1837."

"John Meacham and his wife Nancy came from Tennessee in 1837, accompanied by
Wesley Oliver, her son-in-law. Her daughter, Henrietta Tiley, on their
arrival married Wm. Deremiah. The early voting of the precinct was done at
Meacham's house; hence the name of the township."

The way these histories refer to "her son-in-law" and "her daughter" cause
me to wonder if they were not Spencer's. It may have to do with the fact
that Nancy was still alive when the article was written but Spencer wasn't.

We know that Nancy Barbee Meacham had passed away by Nov 1860 due to the
following information:

"On 8 Nov 1860, John W. Meacham, then of Laclede County, MO Purchased from
two sisters Mary Meacham Ferguson and Lorena Meacham Love, both of Prairie
County Arkansas, their part of the 160 acres of Nancy Meacham, deceased, for
$485.00. Recorder's Office Land Records, Marion Co. IL found by the late
Merrel S. Melton."

I find references to this family in Clarence Mitcham's book on pages 135,
148, 271 and 272. He claims that Spencer was son of a Jack Meacham and __
Spencer. Is there any source for this? Does anyone know where this Jack
fits into the family? Are there any detail of Spencer and Nancy's other


Ted Stout

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Subject: [MEACHAM] early Meacham ancestors

Dear Ted and Mark,

There is a lot of misinformation floating around on early Meacham ancestors,
especially from early work done by Clarence Mitcham and Burton Meacham. It
seems to have gained immortality on the internet, despite my and others'
attempts to correct it.

For evidence supporting items 1, 2, and 3 below, see the articles:

"The Case of 'Henry Meacum'"
"A Chronicle of Meachams in Caroline County"
"On the Ancestry of William Meacham Sr. d. 1808"

at my website

1. The so-called "family of Henry and Francis Banks MEACHAM" is an invention
Clarence, and one of his worst pieces of work. (OTOH, he did do a lot of
good genealogical data-gathering.)

2. William Meacham d. 1808 did NOT marry Elizabeth Crutchfield, and there is
marriage record for him at all. His wife Elizabeth is mentioned in his will,
but there is no evidence AT ALL that she was nee Crutchfield. This was a
figment of Clarence's imagination.

3. There IS however a marriage record for Joseph Meacham and Elizabeth
Crutchfield. I have assembled compelling evidence that these were the
of William.

4. The Elizabeth Crutchfield who was daughter of James and Milley married
Pitts and moved to Tennessee where they both died. See the post by a
Crutchfield researcher at

5. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER of a link between the Virginia Meachams of
17th century and those of Crewkerne, England. This myth was started I
by Burton. See the article "First Posts on Meacham List" on my website.

6. The birth and marriage date of William is unknown, as are the birth and
dates of his wife Elizabeth. What appears in some internet genealogies are
guesses, or speculation, terminus post quem, etc (eg for William's wife
Elizabeth: she was still living in 1813, so death date is given by some as
"after 1813" then becomes "1813").


William Meacham (descendant of William d. 1808 via Kentucky line)

William Meacham
Honorary Research Fellow
Centre of Asian Studies
Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Hong Kong

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