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From: Jackie King <>
Subject: [MDSTMARY] More RHODES questions
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:56:26 -0600

In working on the family of Abraham RHODES and his wives, I always seem
to run into several questions concerning his son William and I am hoping
the list can help.

I have no doubt that Abraham had a son William. His will proves that.
But from there on the record gets hazy. I consistently see genealogies
that state William was prob. b. aft 1765 (supported by his parents'
proven marriage date). After that proof seems to be lacking for some of
what I see including a death in 1817 in Bardstown, Nelson Co., Kentucky.

Here's what I have gathered from a number of sources and mailings from
the list archives.

William RHODES (son of Abraham RHODES and Mary Priscilla GOUGH)
b. aft 1765, St. Mary's Co., MD
d. 1817, Bardstown, Nelson Co., Kentucky (need proof)

Mentioned in his father's will of 1797. Was the co-executor with his
brother Benedict.

Had at least one son born of an unknown wife:

Hillary H. RHODES
b. abt 1802, District of Columbia. (census and military records)
d. 27 Oct 1860, St. Louis, MO. (census, death report)
m. 21 May 1834, Washington, D.C. (newspaper, census and military papers)
to Marion Stuart/Stewart CARTER (ABT. 1805 - 24 Jan. 1844)

I consistently see reports of William marrying a Mildred. I find no
evidence of that marriage. I do find in various sources a William RHODES
marrying a Malinda Burch in Washington D.C. in 1814. That could possibly
be this William in that various members of the BURCH family did move to
Nelson Co., KY. However, I also find a petition for Rev. War bounty land
for William and Malinda Burch. If William, son of Abraham, were born
after 1765 war service is improbable although not impossible.

The only William RHODES I can find in the District of Columbia as
Federal City was made a formal city is William RHODES, owner of the
Rhodes' Tavern. He opened his first establishment in 1799 (supported by
newspaper announcements) about 14-15 months after Abraham's son received
his inheritance. Is this the same William? The dates and location would
seem to indicate it is. This would also fit nicely with Hillary's birth
and his ability to obtain a naval commission later.

That Lt. Hillary RHODES belongs to this family is supported by several
things including a letter from Sister Mary RHODES to Lt. Hillary RHODES
in which he is saluted as "nephew".

In a post from several years ago I also find this:

John Simmons will written 1773. Witnesses Abraham Rhodes. Assessors
Rhodes and Steven Milburn appointed 20 Apr 1781. Son Matthew
represented by
guardian Robert Daffin. Robert Daffin m. Elizabeth Simmonds at St. Andrews
16 Jan 1781.

Joseph Abell and Billy Rhodes apprentices of Thomas Thompson April-Dec 1788
at church at Newtown.

Is the Billy Rhodes cited in this post, Abraham RHODES' son?

Any help with citations or direction to the proof of some of the dates,
or proof of the identity of William RHODES would be appreciated. It has
occurred to me we may be dealing with several William RHODES.

Jackie King

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