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My reply was directed to Jeff's post, where he said that he didn't think
that Sylvan Retreat was a "nut house" (his words).

A check of the Cumberland newspapers in newspaperarchive dot com shows 1,572
articles referring to Sylvan Retreat, dating from 1894 thru 1977. A very
quick glance will show plenty of articles referring to mental health, etc.

In fact, a 1977 article mentions that the employees of Sylvan Retreat were
being given the opportunity to transfer to the Finan Center ( a new mental
health facility which opened just outside the city limits of Cumberland).

I'm a retired Cumberland City police officer and I can confirm that, in the
late 60's, we, on many occasions, transported people with alcohol and mental
problems to Sylvan Retreat.

There may well have been other types of illnesses treated at Sylvan Retreat,
but don't rule out mental health issues.


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> Actually, I have googled it several times and I still get very mixed
> results--alms house, home for the insane, county home. It's not so
> important that I know the nature of the building. I just want to
> know where someone who died there might have been buried since the
> death records seem to be missing.
> On Apr 6, 2008, at 9:09 PM, Byron Schulten wrote:
>> Sylvan Retreat Cumberland MD
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