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Subject: playing quietly in the gene pool ....
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 09:27:04 -0400

Hi. My name is Denise Brown and this is my first posting. I've been busy
working overtime at work, but I'll post what I can of my Mayfield line,
since everyone is so quiet. I am new at all this, and have mostly stopped
searching because of recent time constraints, but I am reading the posts
when they come in and have learned a thing or two--so thanks all .... here's
the info I have on my g-g-grandparent's (Meadows) Mayfield line:

Levi Sterling Meadows m. Virginia A. Mayfield
(My g-g-grandparents)
4 November, 1873

Levi Sterling Meadows b. 1 March 1849 d. 18 December 1906
Virginia Ann Mayfield b. 30 October 1852 d. 27 July 1935


Dianna G. MEADOWS b: Abt 1874 d: Bef 1900
Grace Anna MEADOWS b: Abt 1875 d: 2 Apr 1929
m. George Washington JOHNSON b: Abt 1869 d: 13 Aug 1950
Alma Lena MEADOWS b: 1877 d: 14 Oct 1910
m. William Rufus REYNOLDS b: 17 Jul 1868 d: 6 Sep 1949
Gordon M. MEADOWS b: Abt 1879 d: 24 Feb 1951
m. Mattie SLAUGHTER b: Abt 1868
Mary Ada MEADOWS b: 6 Apr 1880 d: 11 Aug 1958 (My
m. William Thomas CHAPMAN b: 23 Oct 1867 d: Feb 1939
(and g-grandfather)
Ruby Margaret CHAPMAN b: 14 Feb 1905
+ Donald WRIGHT
+ Robert DRAKE
Ruth CHAPMAN b: 14 Jan 1904
Wm Harold CHAPMAN b: 26 Feb 1908 (My
+ Mildred Helen HARRIS b: 7 Sep 1909 (and
Louise CHAPMAN b: 27 Sep 1910
+ Dudley NANCE
Hewlett Levi CHAPMAN b: 27 Jan 1913 d: Sep 1986
Virginia M. MEADOWS b: 2 Jun 1882 d: Nov 1973
m. Ruben MCDOUGLE b: 1 Aug 1885 d: May 1969
Kate MEADOWS b: Sep 1891
m. Joe BAKER b: Abt 1877
French S. MEADOWS b: Abt 1887 d: May 1953
m. Ruby SANDERS b: Abt 1892

James Sterling Meadows m. Artimissa Irland

James Sterling born 15 December 1815, died 26 December 1899
Artemissa Irland (Julan) born about 1814 (I can't find anything else about


John MEADOWS b: Abt 1843
Susan M. MEADOWS b: Abt 1845
Joel W. MEADOWS b: Abt 1847
+ Maggie E. UNKNOWN b: Abt 1858
+ Elizabeth BOYD b: Abt 1848
Levi Sterling MEADOWS b: 1 Mar 1849 d: 18 Dec 1906
+ Virginia A. MAYFIELD b: 30 Oct 1852 d: 27 Jul 1935
Atamecy MEADOWS b: Abt 1854
+ Jemina G. UNKNOWN b: 7 Feb 1830 d: 13 Jul 1889
Mansil MEADOWS b: 12 Aug 1859 d: 4 Jan 1884
Rosetta MEADOWS b: Abt 1864
Edna MEADOWS b: Abt 1867
Meriam MEADOWS b: Abt 1871

Amaziah Mayfield m. Martha Ann Cox
11 May 1848 Talladega Co., Alabama

Amaziah born 1827 in Anderson Co., South Carolina
Martha Ann Cox born 1822 in Georgia


Richard b. March 1849 Talladega, AL
Robert b. 1850 Talladega, AL
Lewis B. b. 1851 Talladega, AL
J. Mayfield b. 1852 Talladega, AL
Virginia b. 1853 Talladega, AL

Austin Louis Mayfield m. Elizabeth McCoy
1814 South Carolina

Austin born 1777 in 96 Judicial District, South Carolina – died 7
August 1872 Talladega, AL
Elizabeth McCoy born 1801 in South Carolina. Died in 1880 Talladega, AL


Elizabeth MAYFIELD b. About 1816 in Anderson County, SC
Saybra Gibbert MAYFIELD b. 27 Sep 1817 in Anderson
County, SC
Parthany MAYFIELD b. About 1818 in Anderson
County, SC
Mahulda MAYFIELD b. About 1819 in Anderson
County, SC
Wiley B. MAYFIELD b. 22 Nov 1820 in Probably Anderson
County, SC
Austin Louis MAYFIELD , Jr. b. 1822 in Anderson County, SC
Nancy MAYFIELD b. About 1823 in Anderson County, SC
Ephraim MAYFIELD b. 1824 in Anderson County, SC
Amaziah MAYFIELD b. About 1827 in Anderson, SC
Therissa Clemintine MAYFIELD b. 25 Nov 1828 in Anderson County, SC
Thaney MAYFIELD b. About 1831

Abraham Mayfield m. Dorcas Bishop

Abraham born 1755 in Culpepper Co., Virginia – died 21 October 1826
Anderson, SC
Dorcas Bishop born 1756 in Pennsylvania – died 3 March 1795 Fairfield
Co., SC
Wife 2 - Margaret (Peggy) ? born in Pennsylvania, married in 1796
Could be a Bishop.


Sylvia b. About 1780 in Camden Judicial District, SC m. Ballard Day
Ephraim b. About 1783 in Camden Judicial District, SC d. 1847 Suicide 1847
(in woods by home)
Sophia (Suffy) b. About 1785 in Camden Judicial District, SC m. James McCoy
Elijah "Eli" b. About 1790 in South Carolina
Lavinia "Vina" b. About 1791 in South Carolina m. ? Holland
Austin Louis b. About 1777 in Ninety-Six Judicial District, SC m. Elizabeth
Thana Bethany b. Dec 1793 in South Carolina m. Jonathan Reeves

Abraham, son of Robert and Sarah Mayfield were born in Culpepper County VA
in About 1754. As a small boy, Abraham and his parents moved to Granville
County, NC. About 1775 in his early 20's Abraham and his parents migrated
to Ninety-Six District SC. Then shortly moved to the Camden District on the
east side of Broad River. In about 1776, Abraham married Dorcas Bishop,
daughter of Joseph Bishop and Thana Hutchinson. After Dorcas died about
1795, Abraham married Margaret (Bishop) about 1796 in Fairfield County SC.
She was born 1762 in Pennsylvania, and died 3 March 1851 in Anderson
District SC.

Abraham served in the SC Whig militia (Revolutionary War) as a private,
sergeant and quartermaster. Abraham was born and raised in Culpeper County,
VA and at the age of 10 he moved to Bute County, NC where he lived with his
father. In 1793 he moved to Greenville District, SC where he applied for a
Revolutionary War Pension on 19 March 1833, he was 66 years old at the time.
He had at least 7 Children. The 1790 Chester County, SC Census record shows
Abraham with 1 male child under 16 and 1 daughter.

Robert Mayfield m. Sarah

Robert born 1732 in Spottsylvania Co., VA, died 1816 in Chester
Co., South Carolina
Sarah born about 1735 in Virginia


Abraham MAYFIELD b. About 1755 in Culpepper County, VA
Edmond Robin MAYFIELD b. About 1758 in SC -Left about 1820 to Tuscaloosa,
Co. AL
Samuel MAYFIELD b. 23 May 1759 in Grandville County, NCLeft abt 1825 to AL
Elisha MAYFIELD b. About 1763 in VA or NC
Allen MAYFIELD b. 1765 in North Carolina
Ezekiel "Sugar" MAYFIELD b. About 1767 in NC or Ninety- Six District – SC.
Preacher in MO
Daughter Name Unknown
Daughter Name Unknown
Obediah W. (Obe) MAYFIELD b. About 1769 in Ninety-Six District, Chester
County, SC
Stephen Andrew MAYFIELD , Sr. b. About 1780 in Lincoln Parish, Lincoln,
North Carolina

Robert Mayfield resided in Butt County adjacent to Granville County. He and
his family removed to SC (Ninety-Six District in mid 1770's. At least 4 of
Robert's Sons ( John, Edmond, Abraham and Samuel) served in the Whig Militia
during the Revolutionary War and Robert himself provided supplies to the
Whig forces.

Abraham Mayfield, Sr. m. Elizabeth Bell

Abraham born 1682 in Essex Co., VA, died 20 February 1769 in
Granville, North Carolina
Elizabeth born about 1687 in Virginia


Abraham MAYFIELD , Jr. b. About 1720 in Warren County, NC
John MAYFIELD , Sr. b. About 1721 in Essex County, VA or Warren County, NC
William MAYFIELD b. About 1725 in Mecklenburg County, VA
Agnes MAYFIELD b. 1730 in Virginia
Valentine MAYFIELD , Sr. b. About 1731 in Spotsylvania County, VA
Robert MAYFIELD b. About 1732 in Spottssylvania County, VA
Thomas MAYFIELD b. About 1735 in Virginia Colony

Abraham MAYFIELD son of Robert Mayfield, Jr.

A transcript of his will is as follows: "In the name of God Amen. The
twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred
Sixty and Nine. Abraham Mayfield being very sick and weak in body but of
perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same and calling
to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all
men to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. That is to
say principally and first of all, I give and Recommend to God (my Soul) that
giveth it me and for my body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in a
Christian manner at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at
the General Resurrection I shall Receive the same again by the mighty power
of God and as Touching such worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to
bless me with in this life, I give and dispose in the manner and form
following . That is to say: "In the first place I give and bequeath (to)
Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife, whom I make & ordain my only & sole
executor of this my Last Will and Testament, all and every singular thing
that I am now possessed with during her lifetime to peaceably enjoy without
any Molestation or In cumbrance. "And at her death I do give and bequeath to
Valentine MAYFIELD and Abraham MAYFIELD, my well beloved son's, two feather
beds and furniture and also the money that I sold my land for, or the
produce of the same if their mother please, to lay it out for them by them
freely to possess & enjoy and to be equally divided between them both. " And
I also give and bequeath all the rest of my Estate, household goods &
everything that there shall be left after my beloved wife's decease to be
equally divided between all my children for them to possess & enjoy. "And I
do hereby utterly disallow, revoke & annul all & every former Testaments,
Wills & Legacies bequeathed and Executed by me in any way before named wills
& bequests. Ratifying & Conforming this & no other to be my Last Will &
Testament, In Witness thereof I here unto set my hand the day and year first
above written, "/S/ Abraham MAYFIELD (Seal). It appears Abraham Fled to
Spotsville County, VA in the late 1720's. He removed to Orange County, VA in
the 1737 time frame and then around 1760 Removed to Granville County, NC. He
lived with one of his son's for several years. In 1764 the Eastern portion
of Granville County became Bute Co. Deed book "C" (1734 - 1742) notes
Abraham purchasing 200 acres of land (Jul 1 1735) along side of river from
Larkin Chew for 12 pounds it also notes he sole it Oct 4, 1737 for 35 pounds
to Blomfield Long, a local Blacksmith..

Robert Mayfield, Jr. m. Sarah
1674 Essex Co., Virginia

Robert born 1656 Glouster Co., Virginia died 16 August 1715
Essex Co., VA
Sarah born 1658 Essex Co., Virginia


Jane “Jean” 1674 Essex County, VA Graves
Catherine 1675 Essex County, VA Bourne, Gregory Snead
Jacob 1677 Essex County, VA
Robert I. 1680 Essex County, VA
Abraham 1682 Essex County, VA
Isaac 1685 Essex County, VA
Anne 1687 Essex County, VA Connally
John 1698 Essex County, VA

Robert Mayfield, Sr. m. Sarah
1656 Old Rappahannock Co., Virginia

Robert born 1631 Gloucestershire, England. Died about 1692 in
Henrico Co., VA
(Son of William Maiyffelld born about 1605 in England or possibly even
Germany (unproved))

Sarah born 1640 Essex Co., Virginia

Migrated from England to Virginia around 1652


William 1656 Essex Co., VA
Robert, Jr. 1656 Glouster Co., VA
Edward 1660 Virginia Colony

Denise Brown

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