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From: Paul Benyon <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] Cap Charles Bowen or was that Rear Admiral Charles Bowen
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 10:46:47 +0100
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Charles Bowen's entry in the Naval Biographical Dictionary (NBD) can
be found on the following rather long web page at :

where it mentions, amongst his naval appointments etc., that "Capt.
Bowen married Mary Hannah, youngest daughter of the late Geo, Fisher,
Esq., of Hillside, co. Gloucester, by whom he has issue." The entry
for the O'Byrne's NBD dates from about 1845/6, since it only included
officers who appeared in the Navy List for 1 Jan 1845, and was
published in 1849.

He's still recorded in the Navy List for Sep 1853 as a retired Captain
and has disappeared from my next Navy List, which is for Feb 1855, so
regret am unable to comment with regards to his step up to Rear
Admiral, except to state that it was often the case that retired naval
officers were given a step up the promotion ladder when they were
retired, which was unpaid, and therefore little more than an honorary
promotion, and was, I believe, eventually done away with in the 1920s.

The reference to the "Gaz." in NBD is to the London Gazette, which you
can find on-line at :

take link to Search the Archive.


On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 13:23:55 +1000, "Marie Marchese"
<> wrote:

>Hello All
>Hope you can help me determine if a degree of poetic licence or historical
>enhancement has occurred. I would also like some information on his career
>if anyone has access to that or can point me in the right direction.
>I am tracing a number of ancestors and currently looking at Charles Bowen.
>Charles was born 26 Mar 1786 Bristol to Peregrine Bowen and Rachel Bowen nee
>Barbar. Charles married Mary Hannah Fisher his third cousin in 1837 in
>Henbury. Charles appears in the 1851 census as Captain Royal Navy on half
>Charles died in 1854 although I cannot as yet locate his death so any
>assistance on that one will be great. I think the issue is that there are a
>number of Charles Bowens and because I don't know the areas I cannot
>determine which one is the correct Charles. However Charles Will developed
>in 1851 was probated in November 1854 so assume he died in 1854.
>Charles Will states he was a Captain in the Royal Navy. Charles' Widow Mary
>Hannah appeared in the 1881 Census and in this it states she is a Rear
>Admiral's widow although it may have been crossed out by hand as a line
>seems to run through it intentional or otherwise. Francis Green deeds from
>Wales in which the Bowen family has been included also state that Charles
>was a Rear Admiral.
>Any ideas???
>Many thanks
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