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From: "Mick" <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] Ship lost in the First World War off the Irish Coast
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:42:48 +0100
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Mick can't help (yet) the Irish Coast is packed with Wrecks (Divers Heaven) so a date even a month would help narrow it down a bit .
My friend Roy Stokes Diver / Author named one of his Books U-boat Ally referring to the Irish Sea, there are hundreds of U-boat victims on the east , south and south west coasts from Liners to Trawlers. All shipping leaving and returning from / to the UK for the Atlantic have to pass the North or South Coast of Ireland and thousands of these came to grief here.
My own estimates for wrecks from the South-East to the South-West coast would be around 10,000 vessels. Needle in a Hay Barn .
Another little piece of the jigsaw will need to emerge before we can get a break on this one.


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From: Piers Smith-Cresswell
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Subject: Re: [MAR] Ship lost in the First World War off the Irish Coast

The Commonwealth War Graves site is usually pretty useful and may be worth a try - worth looking at other services too - it deals with memorials not just graves. I couldn't see anyone who was an obvious contender. But there can't have been too many RN vessels which foundered (ie sank not through enemy action). Does sound as if it might have been a trawler or some other auxiliary. Mick is probably the man with the answer...

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