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From: Sue Maxwell <>
Subject: [MAR] question
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 11:40:36 -0700

That is a relief, as I have only been on a short time and most
conversations are about British ships. I have already asked a few
questions and learned alot from a few of you. I was thinking that maybe
I was on the wrong mariner's list.

I have proven some historical information to be incorrect. My ggg
grandfather, Shubael Swain and his brother,Valentine, who were from
Nantucket, Chubael having moved into NYC in 1803, and being a ship
master, were supposed to have died at sea in 1808- Jan 10- NY. I have
proven that he did not die, as he is listed in his parents 1813 will,
but Valentine must have died, as he is not listed. I have been hunting
for information about this incident; of course I am excited because I
cracked my brich wall and found the family of origin in Nantucket, and
then gained a two hundred page book of relatives, and then went back to
1476 in England. So I have connected my research with later people and
the earlier people- " the lost Swain line." so to say. Anyone have ideas
as to how I would find anything about this incident, which is scanty in
its information, at best. My guess is that, because he was master of the
Experiment of NY in 1807, that he might have sailed up to Nantucket to
show his ship to the family and bring back Valentine to work with he and
his second other brother, Ebenezer, in NYC and something happened going
into the harbor or close by. If I was in NYC I could find a newspaper
from that time, but I am not there yet, but will be going.

Question 2: I have a poster of that ship, and wonder if anyone would be
able to look at it and tell me if it is a sloop or not. I can send it to
someone by private email. Sue

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