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From: "lesley chaney" <>
Subject: Re: Google search engine
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:42:26 -0000
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Hi SallyJo and everyone,

I will put money on the fact that my MABBOTTs and yours are closely related.
I just can't prove it. I suspect my Richard and your Edward were brothers,
and if we find one we will find the other.

Somewhere in my notes I have the witnesses for the marriages of Edward's two
daughters in Carlton Scroop and among those names are Richard Mabbott,
almost certainly my Richard. It was customary then for nieces to go and
live with an uncle, amusing themselves with domestic chores while they
looked for husbands.

A contact of mine says he has extracted virtually all Mabbott references in
Nottinghamshire and neither Edward nor Richard appear so I think it is
unlikely we will find them in that county. Lincolnshire looks far more
likely. I do not think there is such a place as "Little Genavie" in Lincs
(or Notts). The likeliest bet is Little Gonerby, now part of Grantham but
200 years ago it would have been a very small village outside it. There are
at least 4 churches in Grantham and one at Great Gonerby, which is 1 or 2
miles north west of Grantham. Carlton Scroop is about 6 miles
north-north-east of Grantham but, bearing in mind these were farming
families who probably ran to a horse and cart, this is not an obstacle.

I'm only about 20 miles from Grantham and have detailed ordnance survey maps
of the area. I know I can look at parish records of villages in the
Grantham area at the library there but I am not yet well enough to go on my
own (and Dave is always at work). The big problem is there is no loo
(bathroom) anywhere near the library and I still have a lot of problems with
my legs. A trip to Grantham library is on my list of "things to do" as soon
as I feel up to it. Oh, the frustration! I have already looked at various
parish registers in Notts and Lincs and not founding anything. I will be
cock-a-hoop if I do and the cuzzies on this list will be the first to know.

Bye for now,

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