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Subject: Re: [Barnstable Co MA] Gabriel Wheldon and spouse MargaretDiguina(?) 1620's
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 22:13:49 -0000

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You have made some interesting points on your Taylor website, but honestly, most if not all have been raised before. Granted, primary records for both Richard Taylor "the Rock" and Richard Taylor, Tailor, are scant, and we are therefore forced to rely upon the secondary or tertiary (at best) sources available to us.

Many of your questions regarding the sources you cite on your webpages could be answered if you were to access those records yourself. If you have not seen a particular source, then it is up to you to track it down. As an author for the New York Genealogical & Biographical 'Record' my obligation to the readers was to always have in my possession those records I was citing. In the case of wills (for example), the abstract was never sufficient, and so I accessed as close to the original document that I could find. In some cases, the original hand written document no longer existed, and I had to settle for the document that was copied into the liber.

I am troubled by one particular issue that was raised on your Taylor webpages, wherein you contradict yourself.

On the Index page, you wrote:
It is possible that ALL 17 of these children are the children of ONE, not TWO, Richard Taylors. Supporting this is the fact that a) there is no overlap in names of any of them; and b) there is no overlap in dates-- i.e., all 17 of these named children could be the children of ONE Richard Taylor.

On the TimeLine page you wrote;
In my mind, this makes it very clear that Richard Taylor, tailor, did indeed die in late 1673, shortly after the drowning of his wife (whoever she was), and that therefore there were indeed TWO Richard Taylors of early Yarmouth. The other went on to live until 1703, and his wife-- supposedly the Ruth who died in 1693.

If the casual researcher were to only read the Index page, he/she may be led to believe there was only one Richard Tayor (because you thought so), and not look further (even though you indeed state elsewhere that there were two of that name). Simply put, a single Richard Taylor of Yarmouth could not have died twice: first in 1673/74, when the inventory was taken; and again in October of 1703.

There remain many unanswered questions regarding the two Richard Taylors of Yarmouth, and perhaps if you were to continue your research, you may find the answers and publish an article announcing the results.

Pam Sears

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