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Subject: Re: [LUMPKIN] Any interest in Lumpkins DNA?
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2008 04:20:32 -0000

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I have used both and SMGF (Sorenson) for testing. I have no problem recommending either one. Familytree will get the job done faster, but you pay for it. They are responsive to questions and good at keeping you informed. They also have a forum for people needing help figuring the results out. They are correct that your dad would not get tested as a Lumpkin because there was female interference in the DNA. Do you have any male Lumpkin that you could test?
I would get a 37 marker test. Familytree has a special deal right now on their DNA tests. You might be able to tack on an mt DNA test for little extra.
In my experience, the mt DNA hasn't been very helpful in matching me with others because I have so many matches. I believe the Y DNA is much more beneficial a test. On the other hand, my mt DNA did give me a halogroup and I was happy to get that.
I sent about 15 DNA samples off to SMGF for FREE testing last year about this time. And I finally got results a while back, but it took so long, I was afraid I would never get them. I was happy with their quality. I don't know how many markers they tested, but it was alot (more than 37) and they also did the mt DNA tests. But Sorenson's founder has passed away and I think they are dealing with Genetree and I don't have any experience to tell you about them.
My suggestion to you would be to check out the Thomas surname sites that are available on Familytreedna and see if you find one you are suited for (different people co-ordinate the surname sites). If you find one you like, send an email to the coordinator and see if you can get a holiday discount and go ahead and have that DNA tested while you still have the opportunity.
Happy Testing!

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