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From: "Mary Harkey Russell" <>
Subject: [LOVE-L] What if?
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:31:00 -0500

Before we all go jump off a cliff let me say more. First off the surname
LOVE is about the 6th most common name in America. Second off only 8 tests
were done so far.
While this seems to indicate that none of us are related it isn't
necessarily true. We need more men to do the 12 marker test. I don't know
about your Love family but mine were not to particular about who's wife or
daughter they made babies with. Sorry but that is the way it was. So we
have a few wood colts and then this group is just not big enough to
represent so mam lines of LOVE.
It may be that each of us need to go back over our genealogy generation by
What do we know for sure. What do we have proof of. Wills, tax lists,
Tombstones, Obits, Census, military records. Church records. Then weed out
what we think may be true.
Personally for me, it may be hard for me to get back 5 generations although
I think I can get that far. This study so far is messing up lots of our
old source records like Kara Koldiron's Book, maybe Ray Worth Tennessee
cousins. Maybe Jolee Love's book, maybe William Calhoon Loves Journal?
We need to assess the damage. and Recruit -recruit-recruit----

I remember how some of you guys look. Gene Love looks like a younger
version of my Grandpa.
Lou in Houston doesn't favor a one of my Loves. Bill Love in La Porte TX
again favors my grandpa. Slight built with white hair. I don't think it
proves anything since Gene and Bill are from two different lines.
Mary Harkey Russell

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