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From: "David Thom" <>
Subject: Help please! New Orleans Currier (Courier) 1834
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:53:30 -0000

I have a reference to my Scottish ancestor James Thom being mentioned in
the New Orleans Currier (Courier?) on March 22nd 1834, and again on
October 7th 1834. (Probably in relation to Art or Sculpture - but not
necessarily so.)

I have no way of accessing copies or microfilm of that journal in the UK
as neither the National Library in Scotland or The British Library in
London holds the item.
I would welcome information on any 'on-line' sites which may be able to
help, or, alternatively wonder if anyone who may have access to either may
be prepared to do a 'look up' for me?

Thank you,
David Thom.

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