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From: John & Jackie Lamphear< >
Subject: RE: John Looney/Mary Garrison
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 09:23:32 -0500

Hi Jan and All,

The first part of this info comes straight from my cousin Donna, who has
alot of info on the Looney/Garrison line. (she is probably posting this
right about now also :)

The second part is additional info that I have, which is still not 100%
proven (and if anyone can help me, please let me know, it's supposed to be
my direct line) Hopefully this will help clear up some of the "Smith"
confusion for you. The Martha that married Hugh Smith was the granddaugther
of John and Mary Garrison, not their daughter Martha.

From Donna:

John Looney, b Sept 1774, Knox Co TN; m 1796, Hawkins Co TN; d 16 Nov 1839,
Greene Co MO. Wife, Mary (Polly) Garrison, b 1779, Surry Co NC; d 1849,
Scramento, CA. Their children (11):

Benjamin, b 20 Oct 1797, Hawkins Co TN; d 21 jan 1875, Polk Co MO
married Mary Reed, Polly Willis

John, Jr., b 18 Jan 1799, Hawkins Co TN; d 10 Jan 1864
married Elizabeth Littleton abt 1818

Jesse Walton, b 15 Dec 1801, Knoxville, Knox Co TN; d 25 Mar 1869, Jefferson,
Marion Co OR
married Ruby Crawford Bond, 16 Mar 1827 in AL

Isaac, b 3 Nov 1802, Hawkins Co TN, d 15 Dec 1842, Walnut Grove, Greene Co
married Sarah (Sally) Matthews abt 1821 in AL

Absalom, b 1804, Hawkins Co TN; d Unknown
married Mary Looney (Mrs)

Nancy Ann, b abt 1810, Hawkins Co TN; d 28 Apr 1856, Land Co, OR
married John Robberson, 29 Jan 1833 in Greene Co MO

Mary Ann, b abt 1812, Jackson Co, AL; d abt 1834, MO
married James Smith 16 July 1829 in Ralls Co MO

William, b 15 Oct 1813, TN; d 15 Aug 1850, Jefferson Co, OR
married Elmira McClure 23 July 1838 in Polk Co MO

Margaret, b 1814, Jackson Co AL; d Unknown
married William Lair 20 Mar 1834

Lavina, b abt 1815, Jackson Co AL; d Unknown
married Roadham Kenneth Payne

Martha, b 13 Jan 1817, Jackson Co AL; d 4 Aug 1844, Bolivar, Polk Co MO
married John Smith 2 Nov 1834 in Greene Co MO

From my info, which is mostly my own research, alot from a Mr. Smith
(deceased, although surely an expert on the Smith line :) and a comparison
of what Tilton had to say about it all.

Descendants of Absalom Looney, son of John and Mary Garrison Looney.

1 Absalom Looney b: 1804 in Hawkins Co, Tennessee d: 1847 in Polk County,
+Mary Ann Priceb: 1810 in Tennessee d: in Cedar, Missouri m: Abt 1823
2 Martha Looney b: 1825
+Hugh Smith m: November 13, 1841
(my greatgrandparents)**2 Mary Jane Looney b: December 14, 1826 in Tennessee
d: October 13, 1918 in Helena MT
+Calvin Morgan McDaniel b: Nov 24, 1824 in Tennessee d: September
20, 1900 in Helena MT m: August 24, 1945 in Polk Co, MO
2 John Calvin Looney b: 1829
+Emaline McDaniel m: January 10, 1855 in Polk Co, MO
2 **Betty Looney (see notes)b: 1829 Fact 1: I think Sarah B and Bettie
are same person
2 **Sarah B. Looney (see notes)b: May 19, 1829 Fact 1: I think Sarah B
and Bettie are same person
2 (son) Looney b: 1831
2 (son) Looney b: 1833
2 Delilah F. Looney b: 1836
+Richard Renfro m: April 23, 1854
2 Kenner Pain or Preston Looney b: 1838
+Mary M. Malroy Meloy m: November 23, 1854 in Polk County, Missouri
2 Archibald Jesse (Rev) Looney b: 1840 in Polk County, Missouri d:
March 1905
+Larinda or Lavinda Malloy m: July 07, 1859 in Polk County, Missouri
*2nd Wife of Archibald Jesse (Rev) Looney:
+Mary T. Meek (or Mary J.)m: May 25, 1865 Fact 1: Buried at
Lockwood, Missouri
*3rd Wife of Archibald Jesse (Rev) Looney:
+Alena Maude Smith b: September 29, 1874 in Henson, Tennesseed:
July 03, 1844 in Watertown, South Dakota m: January 11, 1899 in
Lockwood, Missouri
2 Didama Looney b: April 03, 1842 d: April 27, 1924
+Constantine Henderson m: June 17, 1866
*2nd Husband of Didama Looney:
+Joseph Beck Stocktonm: December 10, 1870 in Cdear, MO
*3rd Husband of Didama Looney:
+Stephen B. McVey m: November 07, 1892 in Cedar, MO

Now here is where I could use some help from someone out there. I have never
been able to prove conclusively that my ggrandmother Mary Jane is truly the
daughter of Absalom. I have based it on the following:
Tilton shows a no name daughter that fits perfectly.
Mr Smith made all of these same connections while he was on a research trip
to Polk Co, but as he is dead, I don't know how he did it.
Rev Archibald performed the ceremony at one of Didama's marriages.
Ggrandmother Mary Jane named her oldest son Absalom Looney McDaniel. Her
oldest daughter's name was Sarah M. Her next daugther's name was Didama E.
Her son David, my grandfather named a son Archibald.
All of the above mentioned children of Absalom were definitely in Polk Co at
the right time, and are accounted for in the 1830 and 1840 census'. The
children from Delihah on down were living with Mary (Polly) Price Looney and
her new husband Samuel Asher (who she remarried after Absalom died) in the
1850 Cass Co TX census. Obviously they did not stay there long, as those
children all married in Polk Co between 1854 and 1866 as you can see by the
above marriage dates.

Can anyone out there help me prove beyond any doubt that my greatgrandmother
Mary Jane is the daughter of Absalom and Mary Ann Price Looney??

Also if anyone has any corrections to the above info please, please let me know!

Jackie Lamphear

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