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From: Larry W Johnson <>
Subject: Adam Looney Descendants
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 20:56:17 -0500

In response to Jan Greer's question on Robert and Mary (Quinn) Looney family.
The following information is provided. Anyone finding errors with this data
please let us know of it.
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1. ADAM LOONEY was born in 1725 in Ireland. He died on 4 Jul 1770 in
(Tryon), S.C..

He was married to Hannah WRIGHT in 1746 in Augusta Co, Va.. Children of ADAM
LOONEY and Hannah WRIGHT were:

2i.James LOONEY was born about 1746 in Va. He died
after 1783. Historical records of Scott Co, Va shows a Captain James Looney
and Capt. John Kinkead were in absentee command of Blackmore's Fort on the
lower Clinch River in 1774 when Indians attacked. A James Looney was said to
be the father of Wooten Luna of Wilson Co, Tenn. and grandfather to James
Leuny of the same county. A James Looney, wife and two girls under the age
of ten are listed in the 1800 census of Pendleton Co, NC.
+3ii.Robert LOONEY.
+4iii.Margaret LOONEY.
5iv.Adam Jr LOONEY was born in 1750 in Augusta, Va. It
would seem that this is NOT the Adam Looney listed in the 1810 Pendleton
District, S.C. census. He is married and shows to be 26-45 years old and his
wife is 16-26 years. It would seem that Adam and his wife were close to 26
years old, i.e. born close to 1784 or he was quite a bit older than his wife.
This may be the Adam Looney who enlisted in the 5th Regiment, S.C. on 9 Sept
+6v.Moses LOONEY.
+7vi.John LOONEY.
8vii.Peter LOONEY was born in 1756. He died on 24 Sep
1776. Enlisted in the Sixth South Carolina Regiment, 25 Mar 1776 and died in
service, 24 Sep 1776.
9viii.Benjamin LOONEY was born in 1757.
+10ix.David LOONEY.
+11x.Sarah LOONEY.


3. Robert LOONEY was born on 4 Mar 1749 in Looney's Creek , Augusta Co, VA.
He died on 22 Oct 1824 in Tugaloo River area, Pendleton Co, S.C.. Baptized
by Rev. John Craig, 4 March 1794 at Lewney's (Looney's) Mill Creek on the
James River.

Administered his fathers estate (ADAM) when he died around 1770.

On 2 June 1774, he was married and lived on land which had been granted to
his father by the Governor of NC.

He kept arms repaired 1779, 1780. When Fort Rutledge surrendered, he was
taken prisoner. He served under Capt. Benjamin Tutts's Independent Co.

3 Dec 1772 land bought by Robert in Mecklenburg N.C. now lies in Craven Co,

His eulogy read: The Heroes of 76 have lost a brother.

Is said to have fought at The Battle of Kings Mountain.

Mary Elizabeth QUINN "Betsey" was born before 1789 in South Carioina. She
died on 10 Oct 1820. Children of Robert LOONEY and Mary Elizabeth QUINN
"Betsey" were:

12i.Abraham LOONEY.
+13ii.Martha Jane LOONEY "Peggy".
+14iii.Sarah LOONEY "Sally".
+15iv.Adam LOONEY.
+16v.Hugh LOONEY.
+17vi.Peter LOONEY.
+18vii.Elizabeth LOONEY "Betsey".
19viii.Robert LOONEY was born on 19 Aug 1789. He died on 14
Oct 1833.
20ix.Mary LOONEY "Polly" was born on 22 Nov 1791.
21x.John Quin LOONEY was born on 13 Aug 1793.
+22xi.P. David LOONEY.
+23xii.Thomas Farrer LOONEY.
+24xiii.Noah LOONEY.
+25xiv.Joseph LOONEY "Joe".

4. Margaret LOONEY was born about 1749. She died after 1777.

Hugh QUINN died after 1777. Margaret LOONEY and Hugh QUINN had no known

6. Moses LOONEY was born in 1752 in AUGUSTA CO, VA. He died after 1780. A
Capt. Joseph Hadley certified on 20 Oct 1795 that a Moses Looney was a three
year soldier (Private) who died in service at the Boundary House. This is
near the North and South Carolia boundary on the road from Wilmington, NC to
Charleston, SC. This statement was probably furnished due to the petition
filed by Mose's heirs and the subsequent warrent for land dated 2 Nov 1795
for Moses service in the Continental Line. This land was soon transferred
for value received by Jacob Looney, Heir. This Moses is said to have served
at the Battle of Kings Mountain, 1780. It is probable that he was wounded in
service and carried to the Boundery House where he later died.

Children of Moses LOONEY were:

26i.Jacob LOONEY was born about 1780.

7. John LOONEY was born in 1754 in Bedford Co or Augusta Co, Va. He died on
14 Jan 1842 in Bachelor's Retreat, Pendelton, SC. Fought in the Rev. War.
Was Wounded in the Ankle on 9 Oct 1779. He sufferred many years and
eventually had his leg amputated, 24 Dec 1824. Received a pension by act of
congress due to his service, began 1 Mar 1808, for $21.42 annualy, upped to
$80.00, 8 Apr 1834.

In the 1810 Census of Pendleton District, S.C., John was married with 5
children. 3 were born 1800-1810, 2 were born 1794-1800.

His will was administered by W.S. Grisham of the General Accounting Office in
Washington, D.C. when his daughter, Jane apparently refused to do so. The
names of his daughters are assumed to be the five women and their husbands
among whom his estate was divided.

Children of John LOONEY and Hannah ? were:

27i.Jane LOONEY.
+28ii.Elizabeth LOONEY.
+29iii.Dorcas LOONEY.
+30iv.Sarah LOONEY.
+31v.Rachel LOONEY.

10. David LOONEY was born on 9 Aug 1758 in AUGUSTA CO, VA. He died on 18
Feb 1828 in Lewis Co, Ky. He was buried in Near Crooked Creek, Lewis Co, Ky.
Enlisted in the 6th Regiment on 25 Mar 1776.
Owned land on Gilkey's Creek, York Co, S.C., 20 May 1773.
Owned land in Huntsville, Ala. and lived in Va in 24 July 1786.
Moved to Fayette Co, Ky and paid taxes on 26 Feb 1790.

He was married to Isabella KINKAID about 1785 in Augusta, Va. Isabella
KINKAID was born on 27 Feb 1766 in Augusta, Va. She died on 20 Mar 1819 in
Lewis Co, Ky. Children of David LOONEY and Isabella KINKAID were:

+32i.Peter LOONEY.
33ii.Andrew Kinkhead LOONEY was born on 16 Jun 1788 in
Augusta, Va. He died about 1790.
+34iii.Sarah LOONEY.
+35iv.Joseph LOONEY.
36v.Rachel LOONEY was born on 9 Feb 1794.
+37vi.David J. LOONEY.
+38vii.Martha Kinkhead LOONEY.
+39viii.John Wesley LOONEY.
+40ix.Mary Cynthia LOONEY.

He was married to Elizabeth BOYD on 23 Oct 1820 in Lewis Co, Ky. David
LOONEY and Elizabeth BOYD had no known children.

11. Sarah LOONEY was born about 1760.

She was married to Benjamin BOSTON on 13 Oct 1787 in Lincoln Co, Ky. Sarah
LOONEY and Benjamin BOSTON had no known children.


13. Martha Jane LOONEY "Peggy" was born on 30 Sep 1775. She died on 3 Nov

She was married to David Oldham BARTON on 8 Jul 1794 in Oconee Co, S.C..
David Oldham BARTON was born on 20 Dec 1770. He died on 1 Mar 1842 in Oconee
Co, S.C.. Martha Jane LOONEY "Peggy" and David Oldham BARTON had no known

14. Sarah LOONEY "Sally" was born on 16 Jan 1778. She died on 16 Jul 1822.

She was married to Abishia CAMP. Children of Sarah LOONEY "Sally" and
Abishia CAMP were:

+41i.Sarah CAMP.

15. Adam LOONEY was born on 13 Aug 1780. He died on 15 Sep 1846 in Franklin
Co, Ga (now Hart Co). Lived in Franklin Co, Ga. and later served as a J.P.

Patsie WALTERS died on 24 Feb 1845. Children of Adam LOONEY and Patsie

42i.Martin Luther LOONEY was born on 29 Oct 1811.
43ii.Andrew LOONEY was born in 1815.

16. Hugh LOONEY was born on 14 Nov 1782. He died on 8 Oct 1854.
Information furnished from this individual down is currently based on the
Bible records of Hugh and Betsy Looney which is currently in the posession of
a John Millen Looney, Traceway Manor, 2800 West Main, Tupelo, Miss. 38801.
His certification of the Bible record was dated 13 Nov. 1981. He is the
grandson of John Robert Looney and Hattie A. Josephine Scott Looney. A copy
of this record is from the Natchez Trace Traveler, Lawrence Co, Ala. Vol 10,
No. 2 of May 1990, page 76. Article contributed by Katie McCormack NOLA, Rt
3, Box 165, Springtown, Texas 76082.

He was married to Elizabeth E. RUSSELL "Betsy" on 17 Sep 1817 in Lincoln Co,
Tenn.. Elizabeth E. RUSSELL "Betsy" was born on 14 Dec 1800. She died on 11
Aug 1870. Children of Hugh LOONEY and Elizabeth E. RUSSELL "Betsy" were:

+44i.Salina A. LOONEY.
+45ii.Thomas R. LOONEY.
46iii.Hugh Q. LOONEY was born on 11 Jan 1857.
+47iv.Elizabeth H. LOONEY "Betsey".
48v.Polly J. LOONEY was born on 20 Dec 1829.
+49vi.Sally R. LOONEY.
+50vii.Peter Camp LOONEY.
+51viii.Malissa Caroline LOONEY.
52ix.Hughy Quinn LOONEY was born on 23 Sep 1851.
53x.Polly Ann LOONEY was born in Jan 1856. She died on
29 Nov 1857.

17. Peter LOONEY was born on 14 Nov 1782 in S.C.. He died on 7 Mar 1856 in
Lawrence Co, Ala..

He was married to Mary SHARP? on 10 May 1794 in Jefferson Co, Tenn. Mary
SHARP? was born in Va.. Peter LOONEY and Mary SHARP? had no known children.

18. Elizabeth LOONEY "Betsey" was born on 7 Sep 1787.

Elizabeth LOONEY "Betsey" and ? WALTERS had no known children.

22. P. David LOONEY was born on 11 Sep 1795 in S.C.. He died in Sep 1861 in
Bowie, Texas. David had land claims registered in North Western Lawrence
County in township
4 South/ 9 West. Dates were 1 Dec. 1830 and 20 Feb. 1830. This was near a
Peter Looney who had filed his claim in 28 Sept. 1818. Peter had later land
claims in the surounding areas in 1830, 1835, 1838 and 1852. David is shown
in the 1830 census records for Lawrence County, Ala. but was gone in the
1850 census. David and his family moved to Red River, Miller Co., (now Bowie
Co) Texas in 1838. The land was located just north of Simms, Texas. He is
likely buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery near the town of Simms.

Spells his name Luney in the 1834 marriage permission slip for his daughter,
Margaret Luney.

Isabella LAWHON died on 9 Sep 1839 in Bowie, Texas. She was born in ALA.
Children of P. David LOONEY and Isabella LAWHON were:

+54i.Margaret LOONEY.
+55ii.Salina LOONEY.
+56iii.Joseph Allen LOONEY.
+57iv.Robert Q. LOONEY.
+58v.Mary LOONEY.
+59vi.Clarkey LOONEY.
60vii.Peter LOONEY died in at age 11.
61viii.Lizzie LOONEY died in at age 24 unmarried.

Children of P. David LOONEY and Terry WRIGHT "Widow" were:

+62i.Serena LOONEY.
+63ii.Ann LOONEY.

Children of P. David LOONEY and Sarah Ann Dillard DAVIS were:

+64i.Pleas Duke LOONEY.

23. Thomas Farrer LOONEY was born on 4 Aug 1797.

Thomas Farrer LOONEY and ? MILLER had no known children.

24. Noah LOONEY was born on 30 Sep 1799. Settled beside the Tugaloo River
in South Carolina near the Georgia line, Fayetteville Co., Ga.

Children of Noah LOONEY and Frances Cleveland MCNEIL were:

65i.Morgan Harbin LOONEY. Morgan and his brother George
founded the Fayetteville seminary at Fayetteville GA., in 1858. George
organized, operated and taught in many schools in Georgia and Florida. Morgan
and his brother, Martin V. went to Texas in 1860 and established a school at
Gilmer. There is a historical marker there commerating the Looney School.
Morgan later moved to Arkansas where he was instrumental in establishing the
University of Arkansas.
66ii.George Cleveland LOONEY. May 20 1903 he gave an
account of his parents and grandparents up to Robert and Mary Quinn.
Brothers of his grandparents fought in the War with the British under Col.
Ben Cleveland and at the Battle of King's Mountain (1780). One of the
brothers sided with the Tories (British).
+67iii.Martin V. LOONEY.

25. Joseph LOONEY "Joe" was born on 12 Dec 1801.

Children of Joseph LOONEY "Joe" and Martha MCNEIL were:

+68i.John Robert LOONEY.

28. Elizabeth LOONEY.

Elizabeth LOONEY and Osborn MANNING had no known children.

29. Dorcas LOONEY.

Dorcas LOONEY and James PALMER had no known children.

30. Sarah LOONEY.

Sarah LOONEY and John MILLER had no known children.

31. Rachel LOONEY.

Rachel LOONEY and ? DEMINGTON had no known children.

32. Peter LOONEY was born on 24 Jul 1786 in Augusta, Va. He died on 21 Aug
1878 in Rush Co, Indiana.

He was married to Jane SALISBURY in Aug 1811 in Lewis Co, Ky. Peter LOONEY
and Jane SALISBURY had no known children.

34. Sarah LOONEY was born on 24 May 1790 in Augusta, Va.

Sarah LOONEY and Alexander MILLER had no known children.

35. Joseph LOONEY was born on 29 Mar 1791 in Augusta, Va. He died on 15 Sep
1836 in Case Co, Indiana.

He was married to Elizabeth WILEY on 2 Feb 1815 in Mason Co, Ky. Joseph
LOONEY and Elizabeth WILEY had no known children.

37. David J. LOONEY was born on 19 Jan 1796 in Augusta, Va. He died about
1855 in Rush Co, Ind ??.

He was married to Sarah THOMAS on 12 Sep 1821 in Lewis Co, Ky. David J.
LOONEY and Sarah THOMAS had no known children.

38. Martha Kinkhead LOONEY was born on 23 Jan 1798 in Mason Co, Ky. She
died on 29 Mar 1875 in Indianapolis, Marion Co, Ind.

She was married to James Banks WILEY in Lewis Co, Ky. Martha Kinkhead LOONEY
and James Banks WILEY had no known children.

39. John Wesley LOONEY was born on 18 Nov 1799 in Mason Co, Ky. He died on
4 Nov 1868 in Rush Co, Ind.

He was married to Matilda Ann WARD in Rush Co, Ind. Children of John Wesley
LOONEY and Matilda Ann WARD were:

69i.John Wiley LOONEY was born on 15 Jun 1836.

40. Mary Cynthia LOONEY was born on 15 Apr 1803.

Mary Cynthia LOONEY and John GIBSON had no known children.


41. Sarah CAMP.

She was married to Samuel CARTER in 1821 in Bibb Co, Al. Sarah CAMP and
Samuel CARTER had no known children.

44. Salina A. LOONEY was born on 27 Sep 1820.

She was married to James Crofford RICH on 11 Jan 1837. Salina A. LOONEY and
James Crofford RICH had no known children.

45. Thomas R. LOONEY was born on 27 Aug 1823. He died on 21 Sep 1881.

He was married to Elizabeth BAILEY on 1 Mar 1844. Children of Thomas R.
LOONEY and Elizabeth BAILEY were:

70i.HENRY P. LOONEY was born on 26 Jan 1845.
71ii.WILLIAM H. LOONEY was born on 5 Feb 1847.
72iii.PETER H. LOONEY was born on 17 Nov 1848. He died on
23 Jan 1865.
73iv.JAMES T. LOONEY was born on 22 May 1851.
74v.JOHN R. LOONEY was born on 30 Mar 1854.
75vi.ANDREW J. LOONEY was born on 6 Jan 1857.
76vii.MILLEY E. LOONEY was born on 15 Dec 1857.
77viii.BETSY ANN LOONEY was born on 14 Apr 1860.

47. Elizabeth H. LOONEY "Betsey" was born on 17 Dec 1826. She died on 25
Dec 1856.

Elizabeth H. LOONEY "Betsey" and Rigdon BEVER had no known children.

49. Sally R. LOONEY was born on 11 Nov 1832.

She was married to Thomas ROBBINS in Dec 1850. Sally R. LOONEY and Thomas
ROBBINS had no known children.

50. Peter Camp LOONEY was born on 12 Sep 1835. He died on 14 Feb 1863.

He was married to Louisa C. CLARK on 26 Jan 1854. Peter Camp LOONEY and
Louisa C. CLARK had no known children.

51. Malissa Caroline LOONEY was born on 20 Aug 1838.

She was married to William KING on 16 Aug 1855. Children of Malissa Caroline
LOONEY and William KING were:

79i.JOHN THOMAS KING was born on 24 Apr 1859. He died on
6 May 1859.

54. Margaret LOONEY was born about 1814.

She was married to James NELSON on 2 Aug 1834 in Lawrence Co, Alabama.
Margaret LOONEY and James NELSON had no known children.

55. Salina LOONEY.

Children of Salina LOONEY and Jacob D. BARKMAN were:


56. Joseph Allen LOONEY was born on 27 Feb 1824 in Lawrence Co, Ala.. He
died on 20 Nov 1907 in Ellis Co, Texas. Joseph moved from Lawrence Co, Ala.
with his parents in 1836 settling near Red River, in Miller Co., Texas. His
mother died there in 1839. His father died there in Sept. 1861.
Joseph moved to Ellis Co., Tx., 2 Oct 1863, settling three miles north of
Garrett where he remained until 1867. He had the only house between
Waxahachie and Bristol. He was a Master Mason. He was married in Bowie Co,
Texas in 1846 to Mahala Barkman.

He was married to Mahala\Mahaly BARKMAN on 21 May 1846 in Boston, Bowie,
Texas. Mahala\Mahaly BARKMAN was born on 18 Jun 1822 in Ark.. She died on
17 Mar 1925 in Ellis, Texas. Children of Joseph Allen LOONEY and
Mahala\Mahaly BARKMAN were:

+81i.Leanah LOONEY.
+82ii.Robert David LOONEY.
+83iii.Enoch LOONEY.
+84iv.Howell R. LOONEY.
+85v.Rebeca LOONEY.
+86vi.Hannah LOONEY.
+87vii.Mary LOONEY.
+88viii.James LOONEY.

57. Robert Q. LOONEY died on 29 Oct 1863. Texas Civil War Pension
Application dated 16 Nov. 1899, filed by L. A. Looney, Wife to R. Q. Looney,
#6409. Shows Robert as serving in Hubbard's Company, Bass Regiment, CSA out
of Texas. Witnessed by J. A. Looney (brother to Robert?) and Mrs M. Looney.
His wife lived at Ellis Co, Texas at the time of the application.

He was married to Leanah BARKMAN on 7 Sep 1852 in Bowie Co, Texas. Leanah
BARKMAN was born about 1831. She died after 1900. Dates obtained from her
Civil War Pension Application. Husband R. Q. Looney served. Children of
Robert Q. LOONEY and Leanah BARKMAN were:

89i.Ben LOONEY. Was a Judge in Dallas, Texas.

58. Mary LOONEY.

Mary LOONEY and John ASKEW had no known children.

59. Clarkey LOONEY.

Clarkey LOONEY and Moses HICKSERON had no known children.

62. Serena LOONEY.

Serena LOONEY and Mr. WALLACE had no known children.

63. Ann LOONEY.

Ann LOONEY and Mr. POWELL had no known children.

64. Pleas Duke LOONEY.

Children of Pleas Duke LOONEY were:

+90i.J.D. LOONEY.

67. Martin V. LOONEY.

Martin V. LOONEY and ? CULBERSON had no known children.

68. John Robert LOONEY was born on 5 Dec 1824 in S.C.. He was buried in Sep
1881 in Looneyville Cemetery, Texas. He died on 3 Sep 1881 in Nacadoces,

He was married to Susan Catherine BAXTER on 12 Mar 1856 in Nacadoces, Texas.
Susan Catherine BAXTER was born on 22 Jan 1839. She died on 3 Dec 1887 in
Looneyville, Texas. Children of John Robert LOONEY and Susan Catherine
BAXTER were:

91i."Joe" Joseph F. LOONEY was born on 25 Sep 1858 in Tx.
He was buried in Sep 1887 in Looneyville Cemetery, Texas. He died on 28 Sep
1887 in Tx.
92ii.Fanny Belle LOONEY was born on 26 Jun 1871 in
Looneyville, Texas.
93iii.John L. LOONEY was born in Oct 1875. He died in 1878
in Tx. He was buried in Looneyville, Texas.

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