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Subject: [LIST-UPDATE] New List Administrator Feature
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 10:21:51 -0600

We have added a new feature to your list administrator options! You now
have the option of handling non-member posts how you feel best suits your
list dynamics.

You can access this new feature by clicking on Privacy Options followed by
clicking on Accept List. Under the Accept List options you will see a new
section that allows you to choose what "Action to take for postings from
non-members for which no explicit action is defined." There are four
options, Accept, Hold, Reject and Discard.

-Accept: all incoming mail will go through to the list, including Spam-this
is not a viable option for any list.

-Hold: you will receive all non-member posts in your Pending Requests; this
is the way that non-member posts are currently being handled. **This is
also the default setting on all of the lists.**

-Reject: all non-members sending a message to the list will be sent a
message letting them know that they have sent a message to a members-only
list-you will not see these posts. "You are not allowed to post to this
mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected. If you
think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing
list owner at [list name]-."

-Discard: all non-member posts will be permanently discarded, both spam and
legitimate mail.

Gatewayed messages are the only exception to this option. If you have the
address banned in order to moderate the messages that go to the list you
will continue to receive the messages in your pending file, if not they will
continue to go directly to the list.

Another precaution you may want to take is reviewing your subscription
settings; these are found under the Ban List option. Definitions for these
options are as follows:

None - no verification steps
Confirm - email confirmation step required Require approval - require list
administrator approval for subscriptions

Early next week I will be posting information regarding the new feature in
the Newsroom to educate all mailing list users. This way they will not be
surprised if they receive a rejection email.

We appreciate the many hours that you spend administering the lists and hope
that this new feature will decrease the time you spend reviewing non-member

If you have further questions regarding the new feature or lists in general
please send them to .

Thank you,

RW ListMaster

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