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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] List Mime
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 18:23:28 -0400
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Hi Marie,

I still have at least .20. requests for a change to MIME format which have
gone unanswered - from September !

I e-mailed one Administrator via the List and he immediately responded.
He said he had not gotten any e-mails from me; in fact none via the
List-Name-Admin e-mail address. So, he contacted the Help Desk.

I then e-mailed the Help Desk, and they said they did not know of any
Administrator having problems getting e-mails via the above method !
This was not helpful at all !

Reason? How do the Administrators know if there is a problem .. if they
are not getting e-mails through the Admin address ?

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

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Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] List Mime

> maria skwierawski quoted:
>> Thanks to the unnecessary changes made by Rootsweb resulting in an
>> over-burdening of demands upon List Owners' time, a decision has been
>> taken not to engage in setting individual preferences, so regretably, the
>> list remains set as is.
> Maria,
> This is not accurate. RootsWeb has a note right on the HelpDesk page at
> that states:
> 2006-08-21
> The default for digests in Mailman is plain text. If you prefer MIME and
> your ISP can handle that, email the admin to 'uncheck' the plain text
> button for your subscription. MIME is not recommended for AOLers. Email
> the admin at:
> where you replace LISTNAME with the actual name of the list.
> * * *
> Admins certainly CAN change an individual's digest setting to send out in
> MIME format. As an admin, I've heard repeatedly from staff and fellow
> admins alike that we ARE to change a digest subscriber from plain text to
> MIME format if they request it.
> If this admin refuses to change your setting (or fails to reply to your
> request within a reasonable amount of time), you can contact the HelpDesk
> and request further assistance:
> Marie

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