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From: "maria skwierawski" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] List Mime
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 17:44:59 +1000
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Hi Joan and All
Most of my list admins have now changed me to Mime but I am still haveing
trouble with a few. Some I have asked twice and am still not getting an
answer this is what I got from the Eire list admin,
Has Rootsweb told this to Admins ?
I haven't been able to find it on the Help site

Sorry, Maria,

Thanks to the unnecessary changes made by Rootsweb resulting in an
over-burdening of demands upon List Owners' time, a decision has been taken
not to engage in setting individual preferences, so regretably, the list
remains set as is.

And this is from the Shammrock list
sorry I can't do that, I have no idea if it even comes any format other than
just regular digest or regular individual.

Are there any lists who don't have admins ?
I know the gentleman who runs the Kearns list suggested if I wanted it
changed then I become his assistant Admin
Maria from Colyton

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