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Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] Speed
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:24:28 -0600

Yes, we had to move off an old queue to proccess current mail. We are
now proccessing old messages from 2-4 days ago. This is going to get
people mad for this one, almost rather just delete them....hehe


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So do we see an improvement of speed on the server?



I probably have tested this more closely than most people in that I had
set all my lists9 mail to arrive via PML and it should also have been
arriving via the list--and it wasn't. By late last night my PML and
list copies were arriving at the same time. The PML copy is generated
at the same time the message hits archiver -- so I'd say the delays are
not a problem now since my lists copy are getting there within a minute
of the PML copy. However, not ALL of the old messages have arrived as
yet (I understand you still have old delayed queued mail on the server
to be released over time). So I guess subscribers should be alerted
that they may still be seeing some old outdated mail coming through as
it is gradually released from the queue--but the current mail should
continue to be delivered timely.

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