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From: "Dan M" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] What a mess!
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 23:56:03 -0700
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I use pre pends -
those are most reliable
because too many people CC lists and BCC lists
so to eliminate more filtering,
one works fine =
I also have a catch folder
I have all my messages copied there
and read from it like the inbox -
those messages landing in the inbox
I then know there is no filter
or it dont work because something changed -
I have 177 filters, I have folders to catch special items like an obit or
a post relating to a relation etc:
Also filters for list maintenance and such.
As for the -L thing, lets drop it - it is over with.
Looks like list bounces is fwding them as the new address .

Dan M
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From: "Rod Dav4is" <>

I think that it's important to note: regarding filters, users should
ADD NEW filters for the new email addresses. Messages may appear on the
list bearing EITHER old (-L) or new address format for an unknown period
of time.
For example, this message should appear to everyone as "To:
list-update-L..." -- unless I'm wrong, of course! ;o)


Lauren Boyd wrote in part:

> If you filter
>mail, you may have to tweak your filter settings depending on what you
>filter on.

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