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From: Rollie Littlewood <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] Removal of X-Mailing-List header from mailinglist messages
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 13:59:14 -0500
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Earlier I wrote:
>One change I am very disappointed to see in the new incarnation of
RootsWeb mailing list is that they have done away with the
X-Mailing-List: header. I have found that header VERY useful in setting
up filters to separate my incoming RootsWeb messages according to the
list to which they belong.... As a matter of personal pain, I am now
going to have to rewrite approximately 100 filters in my e-mail

At 02:04 PM on 8/17/2006 responded:
>...How about resetting your filters on the x-loop or been there headers?

I assumed there would be some suitable substitute header. I just
didn't like the idea of having to change or add about a hundred filters
for what seems like no good reason.

Assuming I really had no alternative, I charged ahead; I am not the
800-pound gorilla in this scene. I bypassed the x-loop or been there
headers, because I was uncertain as to their genesis. I chose instead
the List-ID: header, which looks like it ought to have the same
significance as X-Mailing-List: did. (Obviously this is one part of my
life where I don't read all the technical specs which would tell me WHY
things are the way they are--I just want things to work reliably.)


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