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From: "Lauren Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] problem with CC ing the list
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 11:48:23 -0700
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My observation has been that this behaviour changes depending on who I
am replying to. Sometimes the list is in the "to" box and sometimes
the "cc" box, not by my action.

I think it boils down to ... for now.. not like it has not always been
a good idea... we must pay closer attention to the address boxes.

I think if there is anything that Rob can do to sort it out, he will.
And maybe, there's not?

I understand the frustration. I inadvertantly sent a message to the
list the other night when the list was reset to "reply to list".... IF
I had looked more closely, I would have spotted it before hitting the
send key!... maybe! LOL I thought I
was pretty coginzant of watching the address line... not that time!



On 8/17/06, Dan M <> wrote:
> There are too many of these messages that are missing my filters - the mail
> should be sent
> TO:
> only,
> not CC , it is making a big mess to sort out all the extra copies and delete
> them, I have more than enough to do other wise =
> I have a filter for
> where the TO line contains and that dont work with
> people CCing the list. I know the reply was fixed so I hope people stop the
> CC thing too please ?
> Dan M with a smile and a please too <G>
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