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Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] AOL problem update
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:22:36 EDT

>The best thing AOL subscribers can do is make sure this list address is on
>your "accepted email addresses" list (I'm not sure what it is called in AOL
>exactly- Joan?). You can also contact AOL about the delays, duplicates and
>other problems.

How this works using AOL is as follows:

First of all AOL blocks some mail and delays other mail at the server level
for reasons known ONLY to AOL--they won't tell anyone because then spammers
could work around their server blocks. We have no control over that but this
is the reason servers MUST be white listed if they send mail in high volumes
to AOLers. The current behavior we are seeing for lists9 would indicate that
the new server is NOT currently white-listed. That said--as for AOL mail
controls that ARE within our power as AOL users:

>From the Mail Menu select Block Unwanted Mail:

Next you will have choices for Mail and Spam Controls:
Words and Phrases Filter (this works best if turned OFF)
Sender Filter (you can use this if you like and still get list mail--see
Content Filter (this works best if OFF)

If you choose to use a SENDER FILTER you will see...

Allow Mail from All Senders
Allow Mail only from AOL Members
Allow Mail only from People I know
Block Mail from All Senders
Use a Custom Sender List

Of the above choices the ONLY ones that work with RootsWeb list mail are
Allow Mail from All Senders and Use a Custom Sender List. If you select the
custom sender list option you have the following choices:

Block All Senders & Domains Listed Below (the equivalent of a REJECT list)
Allow Only the Senders & Domains Listed Below (the equivalent of an ACCEPT

The only setting above that works with RootsWeb lists is Block All Sender &
Domains Listed Below. You CAN use this setting to block mail from senders
you don't want to receive mail from as long as you don't block the RootsWeb or
Ancestry domains. You can even block mail from a list poster whose
individual mail you don't care to receive also add the LIST address to your
AOL address book.

Sharon Dulcich and I thoroughly tested the above for the AOLers-RootsWeb
list some time ago and as long as the list address (and for migrated lists the
list address must have the -L removed) is in their address books, AOLers CAN
block mail from a list poster without causing bounces. If, however, the list
address is NOT in the address book then the list posts will bounce as "not
accepting mail from this sender." During testing we saw some of these bounces
and it was no doubt because the list address had changed and the blocker
hadn't updated his address book to remove the -L. Hopefully it isn't because
this approach no longer works under Mailman. Sharon and I have not yet run our
test with a Mailman list.


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