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From: "Peter Wharton" <>
Subject: [LIST-UPDATE] From display
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 01:18:02 +0100
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Hopefully this is on topic.
Although not probably as significant as some of the issues the admins on
this list have raised as a simple list user it is something that I find
irritating and may cause some confusion particularly when the list is set to
"reply to the list" which isn't either of the addresses shown!
All the messages I am receiving on this list are as shown in the following

[] On Behalf Of Melissa

My understanding is that this occurs because rootsweb (mailman?) in addition
to setting the from field as the actual sender also adds "
" in the "sender" field. Some clients
display this as above; mine, Outlook 2003, being one of them. The same issue
occurs with Gmail using their send as facility. Could the system be changed
to put this extra info in X-sender which should not cause the same effect
or will it be configurable by the list administrator?


Peter Wharton.

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