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Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] Another serious problem related to the failuretostrip extr...
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:58:46 EDT

In a message dated 8/14/2006 1:48:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<<Just how big was the beta testing and how long did it go on?>>

The beta testing started out with just a few lists and admins--I think about
12-15 each with one migrated list. Then about a month ago quite a few new
admins and lists were added. It was a fairly representative test but I must
say not ALL bugs we found and reports have been fixed.

<<Conversion for me is tomorrow and looking at some of the recent messages
more and more questions are being raised and all the Admins get is "Read the
Tutorial" which appears to be vaporware. I really don't understand why the
Tutorial can not be distributed.>>

Perhaps it is still being finalized and updated? There were changes the
testers suggested be made to it.

<<Looking at some of these recent messages some questions I have are:
1. Is it true that admin will not be receiving any notification of bounces?
Terrible!! If this is true will admin be permitted to set different levels
for the "L" list and D list subscribers? >>

It is true we don't see bounces that Mailman thinks it can handle on its
own--it only shows us the unsub and disabled accounts when bounces reach the
threshold and bounces it can't decipher.

Since L and D modes are part of ONE list the bounce threshold is the same
for both modes. However the bounces are only counted at most one per day, so
no address can instantly bounce off a busy list. That part works fairly well.
It is the not seeing the bounces that bothers me.

<<2. Will admin still receive subscribe and unsubscribe notifications?>>

You can set it either way--but you can't choose to receive one or the other
and not both--it is all or nothing with Mailman.

<<3. Archives... extraneous TO and CC'd. You have to be kidding.>>

I'm not--RootsWeb programmers hacked SmartList years ago to remove those to
prevent a ton of cross-posts and bouncing replies to lists the poster doesn't
subscribe to--now this is all back.

<<4. There seems to be a number of problems delivering the messages,
especially to AOL users. I don't understand how a conversion can go forth
without ascertaining that the mail will be delivered. >>

I agree--I received your CC of this reply but not your list post. I'm
assuming it made it to the list.


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