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From: "Lauren Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] Reply vs Reply all
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 02:04:00 -0700
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HI Steve:

I am going to snip and reply to your questions within your message.

On 8/13/06, Steve Herold <> wrote:

> Lauren,
> It has been a long day and I do appreciate the time and effort you have put
> into this list today!!

Thanks. We are all learning. Those of us with some experience can assist
those yet to experience the new mailman software as configured by Rootsweb.
That is what this list is for, afterall, isn't it?

> Are you saying that it works this way on the present lists? I generally do
> reply to all and have never noticed what I'm seeing on this list.

Yes, basically it works the same. "Never noticed"... is likely the case.
Because we know there is change occurring, we may be hypersensitive
to some things we have not taken note of before.

> > I tried to remove the reply to address in my webmail account
> > that I used for the test and could not send any mail until I
> > restored it. (Earthlink/ ix.netcom).
> > I have not checked my setting for Gmail. It is likely the
> > same or similar.
> Can you expand on this please. Are you talking about a reply to address
> that is different than your sender address?

Nope. My reply to address, as set by the webmail client, is the exact
same address as my sender address.

>>You mention this true for client based software also?

I cannot address the "cant' send mail" issue as I do not use software
based email clients at this time.

However, the "reply to" issue is the same for mailman as it was/is for
Smartlist. If a lister has a reply to, it will override the listmail software's

> What caused you to give them the heads up? It sounds like the reply to
> behavior is different than it was before.

What caused me to give my listers a heads up was that during testing there
were larger issues with regard to the replies. Rob fixed them. If,
for example,
a message was sent to 6 lists and cc'd to a few people and bcc'd to other lists
or people, when we replied it went to ALL, including the bcc's. If someone
did not pay attention then it would have been possible (before the fix) to
send replies to lists that the replies were not germain to.



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