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From: "Drew Smith" <>
Subject: Re: [LIST-UPDATE] Just so nobody can claim having hadnocomplaints...
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 19:13:03 -0400
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Lauren wrote: "The -L is not part of the list name. It was an artificial
designator to force Smartlist to do something that even it was not designed
to do. To my knowledge "ListServ" was not the software ever used at"

Lauren is correct that RootsWeb never used the ListServ software. RootsWeb
went public in early April 1996 and announced SmartList within a week.
However, a number of existing genealogy-related lists were eventually
migrated from other servers to RootsWeb by August 1997, and many of those
had been ListServ-based and were already using -L names. I suspect that
there was a desire at that time not to change those names and to be
consistent with the naming of new lists. And because SmartList did not
support "Mail" and "Digest" options (as most other list management software
does), it was necessary to actually create two different names for the two
formats, a workaround that involved using -L and -D names. Now that the new
list management software (Mailman) actually *does* support subscription
options with a *single* list name, the -L part isn't really needed.

Drew Smith

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