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From: "Betty L.Collier" <>
Subject: RE: [LINDSAY] Family Names, Importance?
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 14:30:54 -0600
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Hello Phil and All,

Thanks Phil, It helps so much to toss out some more names for comparisons,
I had not looked into the Saline County possibilities nor the David Lindsay
name, will do that as soon as I can get to our library. Mostly I've looked
at Cooper and Henry Counties, and whatever might show nearby. Of course I'm
following that Pogue/Poage/Pollock bunch too. Along those lines, forgot to
mention the 4th daughter of Jacob Lindsey - Mary. She married John Taylor
Pollock in Cooper County. I'm sorry I don't have the dates here, but the
marriages for Barshaba, Mahala and Mary took place in the 1820's. I'll have
to look through the files for the exact dates because I've just made a
computer change and have not yet installed the Family program on this one.

The Pollock line moved across TN to New Madrid County, MO where father of
John Taylor Pollock [Robert Pollock] died. Members of this family moved to
Cooper County after the death of the father, as did the widow of the
deceased. Later John T. Pollock, and brother Robert Dow Pollock removed to
Holt County, MO. Meanwhile, in the marriage records for Cooper County we
find a marriage for William A. Pollock and Sarah Bolton 6 August 1843. My
William A. Pogue married Sarah Bolton in Cooper County 6 August 1843.
Curiouser and curiouser.

I still wonder what Robert Boyd has to do with the Lindsey family of New
Madrid County? Was he simply a neighbor, or was there a family connection.
Also think the names of Jacob's daughters a most likely clue -
Barshaba/Bashaba is 'different', and Mahala not a very common name.

Thanks for the positive input Phil,

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