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From: josie bass <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Fwd: Lindsay of SC to AL
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 12:44:53 -0500

>If anyone recognizes anyone in these messages, please post to the list and
>let the rest of us know. thanks, josie

>Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
>From: "Greg And Winnette" <>
>Subject: [SC] Misc. SCMAR

>SCMAR, Vol. XV, Fall 1987, No. 4, p.201
>Receipts: 28 March 1839 from Simeon J. Salter and Nancy H. Salter in full
>of their share; 4 Nov. 1839 from Richard Rodgers $52.07 in full of his own
>share and also same amount for the share of Wm. Lindsey and wife Winney as
>per POA;

>11 Jan. 1840 from Robert Rodgers (wit. Geo. Pope) $52 in full of his
>share; 7 Feb. 1840 from John (X) Nichols (wit. Geo Pope) in full of his
>share for himself and wife Sarah, $52, and also same amount in full of the
>share of Edward White and wife Susan; 20 Aug. 1840 from Asa Plummer for
>$52 in right of his wife Dempsey Rodgers now Dempsey Plummer; 10 Oct. 1840
>from John Korksay (?) for $17.90 it being the amount of a judgement given
>by me against the said O. Towles, Ordy., in favour of Bailey Corley
>against Jonathan Rodgers; Wilcox Co., Ala.,

>POA from William Lindsey and Winney Lindsey his wife formerly Winney
>Rodgers, of Wilcox Co., Ala., to Richard Rodgers of Edgefield Dist., SC,
>to receive the amount coming to them as the
>legal heirs of John Rodgers deceased, dated 25 June 1839, wits. John D.
>Watts and W. J. Sessions. Acknowledged same day by William Lindsey and
>Winney Lindsey his wife before John P. Fairly, Clerk of the County Court
>of Wilcox Co.. Certified by Joseph A. Hall, Judge of the County Court of
>Wilcox Co., on same day.

>POA from Edward White and Susan E. White (formerly Susan E. Rogers) of
>Walton Co., Georgia, to John Nichols of county and state aforesaid, to
>receive their share of the real estate of John Rogers,
>deceased, late of Edgefield Dist., SC, dated 25 Jan. 1840 and signed by
>mark by both Edward and Susan before Allen B. Whitehead, J.P.

>Certified same day by John P. Lucas, Clerk of the Inferior Court of Walton
>Co., Ga., and by
>Waters Briscoe, Justice of the Inferior Court of Walton Co.

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