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Subject: [LINDSAY] Fwd: More LINDSEY Info of Sevier, TN
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 12:38:33 -0500

>Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 18:50:39 -0700
>From: Chrystie <>
>Subject: [TN-Sevier] RE: More LINDSEY Info of Sevier, TN
>Pardon the intrusion, if I have something I'll share it with all if I see
>a surname I'm familiar with.
>Here's what I found thus far on the LINDSEY'S of Sevier, TN. Will
>continue looking for Jessie's will...
>Found at
>under "Sevierville LINDSEY"
>Extract copy from -Report of Research Committee, Pittman Center,
>Sevierville, Tennessee
>The Lindsey Family began with Sir Jonathan Lindsey, who was born in
>Scotland and settled near Boston, Mass. in 1796. His children were:
>Jesse, Robert, and William.
>Jesse Lindsey fought under General Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. He
>settled on an entry of about 1050 acres in Sevier County, Tennessee
>around where Evans Chapel, now stands. Jesse Lindsey married Salinah Ivy
>(Ivay/Ivey). Jesse Lindsey Salinah Ivy are the Sevier County Lindsey
>Patriarch Matriarch. Members of the Lindsey family show-up throughout
>Sevier County records as Justice of the Peace, Judge, Census Taker,
>Magistrate Reverend back to the very early 1800's.
>Jesse Salinah had ten children: Hannah, William, Lydia, John, Elizabeth,
>Sherrod, Patsey, Eli R., Martha, and Joel.
>Copy -- Genealogy of the LINDSEY FAMILY.
>The following is quoted from a standard Encyclopedia. (Full information
>about the Lindsey family can be obtained by referring to the "Lives of the
>Lindseys" by A.W. Crawford Lindsey, Earl of Crawford and Lindsey.)
>The encyclopedia says: "Lindsay; Barons and Earls; a distinguished
>family in Scottish peerage, descended from Sir Walter de Lindsay, an
>Englishman of Norman descent, who in the reign of David I, acquired
>Ericidoun and Luffness in East Lothian. In the twelfth century the
>lands of Crawford of Clydesdale came into possession of the family by a
>marriage with the royal line of Scotland. His nephew and heir, Sir David
>married a sister of King Robert III, and was made by that monarch Earl
>of Crawford, while Sir William, David's younger brother, became ancestor
>of the Lords Lindsay of the Byers, Haddington, and through a natural son
>was also ancestor of a celebrated poet, Sir David Lindsay of the Mount.
>In the fifteenth century the Earls of Crawford were among the
>wealthiest, proudest and most influential of the Scottish nobility and
>took a large part in the civil warfare of that agitated period. David
>the fifth Earl, a trusted minister of James III, was made Duke of
>Montrose in 1488, a title never before bestowed in Scotland except on
>princes. In l644, the tenth Lord Lindsay of the Byers was created Earl
>of Lindsay and soon thereafter obtained also by a new creation the
>Earldom of Crawford extinct in the older line. John, fourth Earl of
>Lindsay and Crawford, born in October 1702, was distinguished General in
>the Russian service in the German campaign, l743-45, and the suppression
>of the movement of the Pretender in Scotland in 1746."
>The following information about the Lindsay family was furnished by
>Judge Isaac N, Lindsay, Sevierville, Tennessee.
>Sir Jonathan Lindsay, born in Scotland and 1796 settled near Boston,
>Massachusetts. There survived him three sons: Jesse Lindsay, Robert
>Lindsay and William Lindsay.
>Jesse Lindsay made entry for two tracts of land on Soak Creek, now
>seventeenth Civil District of Sevier County, Tennessee, in 1836 and 1838.
>Total acreage estimated at 1050.
>Jesse Lindsay married Salina Ivy (Ivay/Ivey).
>Hannah married Frederick Jackson Shults
>William married Pheobe Broyles
>Lydia married Isaac Huskey
>John married Polly Huskey
>Elizabeth married R. Evans
>Sherrod married Polly Williams
>Betsy married Manning McCarter
>Eli R. married Mary C.Cardwell
>Martha married A. Preston Shults
>Joel married Polly Lindsay (who was a widow)
>(The title of "Sir" would descend to the oldest son of William Lindsay, he
>being the oldest son in the family.) William Lindsay's father-in-law lived
>near Cosby Academy.
>The children born to William and Phoebe Broyles his wife are:
>Polly Ann married (1) Reuben Williams (2)Bill Jenkins
>Rachel married (1)Sanders Baxter (2)Joel Dennis
>Isaac V. Lindsay married (1)Beersheba Webb (2)Millie Baxter
>John W. Lindsay married Sarah Jane Smith
>Elizabeth married James Hembree
>William G. married Ann Proffitt
>Lucinda married Robert Dennis
>Jackson F. married Eliza McMillan
>Phoebe J. married Anderson McMillan
>Baxter H. married(1) Elizabeth McMillan (2) Meadows
>The children of John W. Lindsay, who lived near Evans' Chapel, are:
>Isaac M. married Martha Jane Loveday
>Fannie E. married Oscar Shults
>William T. married Margaret Huskey
>Martha E. married J.F. Jones
>Mary L. married Stephen Huskey
>Children of ELI R. LINDSEY and MARY C. CARDWELL are: buried in Corinth
>Baptist Cemetery
>DAVID ROGER ELI LINDSEY, b. March 19, 1868, Sevier County, Tennessee; d.
>May 13, 1953, Loudon, Tennessee. married MARTHA CALDONIA "CALLIE" LEWIS
>July 02, 1887 in Sevierville, Tennessee, daughter of COLONEL HAMPTON LEWIS
>FRANCES ELIZABETH "BETTY" LINDSEY, b. September 26, 1864; d. December 16,
>NANCY E. LINDSEY, b. 1862.
>JOHN W. LINDSEY, b. 1864.
>MARTHA S. J. LINDSEY, b. 1867.
>ROBERT P. LINDSEY, b. 1876.
>Children of David Rodger Eli LINDSEY and MARTHA LEWIS are:
>ROSA BELL LINDSEY, b. March 11, 1903, Sevierville, TN; d. March 08,
>1969, Loudon, TN. married JOSEPH LUTHER COOK April 15, 1922 in Sevier
>County, Sevierville, Tennessee, son of CHARLES COOK and MARGARET C. DIXON
>AUGUSTUS A. "GUS" LINDSEY, b. December 01, 1912, Sevierville, Tennessee;
>d. October 24, 1951; m. VERNA.
>Robert P. Lindsey 1898 ­ 1973 married Margie E. 1900 ­ 1983 both buried in
>Loundon, Tn Corinth Baptist Cemetery
>PERRY A. LINDSEY, b. March 19, 1896; d. December 03, 1973, Sevierville,
>Sevier County, Tennessee. Married Frances Owenby
>Perry Lindsey SSN 414-28-8343
>Residence: 37862 Sevierville, TN
>Born 19 Mar 1893
>Last Benefit:
>Died Nov 1973
>Issued: TN (Before 1951)
>LUTHER LINDSEY, b. 1903; m. ALGIA; b. 1904.
>Children of ROSA LINDSEY and JOSEPH COOK are:
>JAMES BUFORD COOK, b. November 26, 1922, Sevierville, TN; d. April 09,
>1986, Kansas City, KS. married THELMA LOUISE CARDIN October 03, 1947 in
>Madisonville, TN, daughter of JOSEPH CARDIN and ANNIE HENRY
>FRED COOk married Jewel Lea Walker
>EARL COOK, marreid SUSIE.
>The following information was furnished mainly by Rev. J. P. Lindsay:
>John Lindsay, fourth child of Jesse Lindsay, married Polly Huskey,
>daughter of W.M. Huskey. This is the W.M. Huskey who was the father of
>seventeen children. He lived in Sugarlands.
>Children of John and Polly Lindsay:
>Salina Lindsey married (1) Preston Whaley and lived in Greenbrier (2)
>Tiliman Houck, lived East Fork (One of Salina's children remained here,
>Mrs. B.B. Montgomery, Dudley Creek.)
>Dolly Lindsey married Frederick Huskey, Emerts Cove
>John married Polly Owenby
>Mary married Cage Rector and left this county
>Callie married Andrew Rayfield, moved to Anderson County
>Minnie married Thomas Whaley moved ro Bradley County
>James married unknown Rayfield
>Alonzo married Unknown Cardwell
>Ashley married Minnie Parton
>One other son married unknown Price
>John Lindsey married (1) Rhoda Shults (2) Mary Farar Moved to Texas
>Jesse Lindsey married (1) Laura Rector (2) Ida Sizemore moved to
>Jefferson County
>Brownlow married Belle Farar moved to Texas
>James Preston married (1) Callie Mullen (2) Isabelle Ramsey
>Fredrick M. married Caldonia Mullins moved to Jefferson County
>Dolly married (1) James McCarter (2) Andrew Jenkins moved to Cocke County
>Lina married (1) Bert Sizemore (2) Joel Ramsey
>Mattie married Perry Whaley lives at Sevierville
>Lonie married Andrew Webb lives in Blount County
>Bartlett married Ida Green lives on the 13th District Sevier County
>Analee married (1) Isaac Whaley (2) Dave Stinnet lives at Smoky Academy
>Westley unmarried
>Jefferson County Tennessee Bible records (A bound Typescript U. T. Library)
>Pages 260/6l REV. James Preston Lindsey, of SEVIER County, Tennessee.
>Bible, now 1937, in possession of James Wesley Lindsay, Dandridge,
>Tennessee R.F.D. #3
>James Preston Lindsay and Ruth California Mullens, were married, Apri1 22,
>John McCarter and Mary E. Mullens, were married July 3,
>James McCarter and Dortha Bell Lindsay were married, Oct. 30, 1895.
>Isaac Whaley and Anolee Lindsey, were married Apri1 9, 1910.
>Fredrick. M. Lindsey and M. G. Mullens, were married Nov. 6, 1904.
>Andrew Webb and Lona Lindsey were married, Dec. 24, 1924
>James Wesley Lindsey and Lottie Mae McCarter were married Dec. 4, 1935.
>Callie Lindsey, Died, Sept. 27, 1921.
>Ella McCarter Died, Nov. 24, 1905.
>William S. Lindsey, Died, Jan. 16, 1906.
>James Preston Lindsey, was Born, July 1863.
>Callie Lindsey, was Born, July 5, 1856.
>Henry Bartley Lindsey, was Born, Feb. 6, 1892
>James Wesley Lindsey, was Born, Feb. 26, 1894.
>Ruth Analee Lindsey, was Born, April 13, 1896.
>Laura Leona Lindsey, was Born, April 18, 1900
>Little Bruce Lindsey was Born Sept. 17, 1902 and Died, Dec 15, 1902. same
>Mary Monora Ella Mullens was Born, Jan 24, l874
>Dorothy Bell Lindsey, was Born, Feb 7, 1881
>Lina E1izabeth Lindsey, was Born, Feb 12, 1883
>Frederic M. Lindsey, was Born, April 29, 1885.
>William S. Lindsey was Born, March 5, 1887
>Martha S. Lindsey was Born March 17, 1889
>Matilda Lindsey was Born, Feb 19, 1891 and died same yr.
>Bruce Lindsey was Born, September 1902 and died, the same year.
>Jesse listed on 1850 Census at age 67 with Tiney age 53, son Sherrl
>(Sherrod) age 19, Martha age17, Joel age 16 and Eli age 15
>Jesse listed on 1860 census at age 73

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