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From: josie bass <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Fwd: Lindsay' [TN-Sevier] Family history
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 12:33:30 -0500

Hi all, this came from another list, i have no other info. Hope it helps
someone. josie
>Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 18:34:17 -0700
>From: Chrystie <>
>Subject: Re: [TN-Sevier] Family history
>We're kin! Salinah IVY and William Jesse LINDSEY are the either the
>parents or grandparents of my ggg Margarett Caroline LINDSEY! Here's a
>little of what I have on them. And I might add there is a lady in
>Ireland who has the entire lineage written out for sale, but I just
>can't afford to send out 35 - 50 dollars each time I find a connection -
>anyway, here it goes. Oh, Sources include Sevierville Library; Sevier
>County Court House; Sevier History such as census, bibles, familylore,
>wills, etc... and ROBERTS and EMMOTT/EMMERT/EMERT lineages - highly
>document. There are copies of Jessie's will circulating around out here
>- I can't remember what surname board its on but I am certain you can
>request a copy of it from Sam down at the Sevier County Library -
> - look for the link "contact us".
>They're very busy but I'm certain you can get a copy for .50.
>I've requested it several times, but as of yet I have not rec'd it - my
>luck it's lost to Anthrax or MYERSITIS. I was certain Jessie and Salina
>(IVY/IVEY) LINDSEY were my Margarett's parents, but after reading
>another will from Sevier archives, I'm not so certain... but below is
>William's will, his son was Jessie LINDSAY Sevier County, TN.
>Salina 'Solinah' IVEY was b. bet 1797 and 1820; she died in 1874 - same area.
>m. Jessie LINDSEY in Emerts Cove, Sevier County, TN.
>Jessie, son of William Jessie LINDSAY b. Feb 27, 1787 VA & Phoebe
>BROYLES; migrated into NC settling in Wears Valley, later Emert Cove
>dying May 15, 1864 buried at Emerts Cove Cemtery in Sevier.
>In Jesse LINDSEY'S will; it shows his name was spelled LINDSAY; source
>for all of his children and their children; as well as his
>grandchildren. Will sits in Sevierivlle County Library, Sevier Co., TN.
>Also shows his property was sold and divided bet many to pay his debts.
>He had about $300; but needed $450 to pay all involved. Sold his
>property but some heirs only got 1/33rd of 1%.
>- - WILL of William LINDSEY, Senior - Anson County, NC - Cocke, Sevier
>Counties of TN Ancestor - -
>In the name of God, Amen, I, William LINDSEY Senr (Senior) of the state
>of North Carolina and County of Anson - Being very sick & weak in body,
>but of sound mind & disposing memory, calling to mind my state of
>mortality, do make, ordain & appoint this my last will & testament in
>manner & form following:
>First I give my soul into the hand of God who gavie it & my body I
>resign to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors
>hereinafter mentioned. And as to what worldly estate it hath been please
>God to bless me with, I give & dispose of in the following manner.
>Viz: First I will that my true and loving wife Rachel LINDSEY possess
>and enjoy all my lands & possessions during her natural life, or
>widowhood, and also one mare, & also five cows & calves, also my stock
>of hoggs, with all my plantation tools and farming utintials, also all
>my household furniture, except what is hereinafter mentioned.
>Secondly I give & bequeath to my son Isaac LINDSEY one hundred acres of
>land, after the death or marriage of my wife Rachel LINDSEY. Also I give
>and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah TALLANT one feather bead &
>furniture, one cow and calf, one cotton wheel & cards, one iron pot, &
>some pewter, all which afsd articles are now in her possession. Also I
>give unto my daughter Ruth LINDSEY one feather bead & furniture & one
>cow and calf. Also I give & bequeath to my daughter Martha LINDSEY one
>feather bead and furniture & one cow and calf. Also I give & bequeath
>unto my son Jesse LINDSEY one hundred acrs of land, & also one young
>mare and will that my executors hereinafter mentioned do cause that my
>son Jessee have sufficient scholling to enable him to do his own
>business &c & also after the death or marriage of my wife Rachel LINDSEY
>all my estate in her hands except my land (which is already bequeathed)
>I give and bequeath unto my five youngest daughters viz: Nancy LINDSEY,
>Polly LINDSEY, Elisabeth LINDSEY, Lydia LINDSEY, & Rachel LINDSEY to be
>equally divided amongst the aforementioned five children.
>And also I appoint my wife Rachel LINDSEY my executrix of this my last
>will & testament, with my son Isaac LINDSEY, George BRILEY, & Ezra
>BOSTICK my executors of my afsd will. And further as I have fifty
>dollars in cash by me, I give & bequeath the sd money into the hands of
>my executors to be applied to the use of schooling my five youngest
>daughters afsd. & lastly I hereby disannul all former wills & testaments
>by me made & ratify this my last will & testament.
>Signed, sealed, published & declared by the sd William Lindsey as his
>last will & testament in the presence of us.
> Ezra BOSTICK this
> George BRILEY______ William x LINDSEY
> Thomas ______ Xmark
> North Carolina July Court 1801
> Anson County
>This the within will was duly proven in open court by the oaths of Ezra
>Bostick, Geo. Briley, & Thos. ?????? witnesses thereto & ordered to be
>Children of Wm Jessie LINDSEY
>*Lydia LINDSEY b. 1817 m. Isaac HUSKEY in 1846 Sevier, TN.
>*Rachel LINDSEY m. Jacob TYSON
>*Martha LINDSEY m. Preston SHULTZ - they're both buried at Holder's
>Grove Cemetery; Sevier, TN.
>Martha b. Mar 1833 d. Mar 10, 1908. They had 8 children.
>*Mary Polly I belive was his daughter-in-law, m. to his son Sherrod but
>don't quote me on that.
>I'll end with - if anyone would like to look at some of the online
>census - the best I've found personally are at:
>Chrystie MYERS

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