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From: Philip Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Family Names, Importance?
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 22:39:59 -0600
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Hello Betty and List,

Betty and I have etalked about our troublesome Missouri Linds*ys for a good long while, but tonight I see something that someone else on list might be able to help both of use by chiming in on this.
I see (notice?) tonight for the first time the Mahala Lindsay/William Mullins marriage. I had not had it in my data What I did have was a July 23, 1848 marriage between David Lindsay and Judiah Mullin right across the Missouri River in neighboring Saline County, Missouri.
Given the number of Lindsays and Mullin(s) families in that area between 1820 and 1848, I would have a high suspicion index that there is a close common ancestor. Who is the Lindsay parent. Ezekiel? Jacob?
This David Lindsay has some biographical information in the 1883 History of Saline County. If memory serves, he went to Oregon, but returned. Possibly having ties to the Lindsey Applegate who was in Henry County about 1850 who also went (I think) but stayed. David has other Lindsay relatives (males in CW) close to him at a point
close to the CW.
Have you ever looked at that bunch, Betty?

Best Regards,


"Betty L.Collier" wrote:

> Does anyone have the following names? Similar dates? Same places? - in their Lindsey/ay family ancestry? I would LOVE to know where this line comes from.
> 1823: JOHN Lindsey: Deceased, his probate in Lauderdale County, AL gives names of 2 heirs:
> JACOB Lindsey, who has heirs in Cooper County, MO, and EZEKIEL Lindsey
> 1817: JACOB Lindsey, deceased, probate in New Madrid County, MO. Heirs are minors: ANNE [b 1804], BARSHEBA/BASHABA, MAHALA, MARY.
> 1817: ROBERT BOYD is appointed guardian for these children. Probably moves to Cooper County, MO soon after the decease of JACOB.
> 1823: ROBERT POGUE, accepts power of attorney for heirs of JOHN Lindsey who are now living in Cooper County, MO.
> 1820: Robert Pogue and ANNE/ANNA Lindsey were married about this time at an unknown place.
> BARSHABA Lindsey m SPOTSWOOD LONGAN in Cooper County, MO
> MAHALA Lindsey m WILLIAM MULLINS in Cooper County, MO
> Children of Robert Pogue and Anna Lindsey:
> William Anderson Pogue b 1821
> Mary M. Pogue
> Jacob Lindsey Pogue
> Thomas T. Pogue
> Sarah M. Pogue
> James L. Pogue
> Robert C. Pogue
> Bashaba Pogue
> John C. Pogue
> Rhoda Ann Pogue
> In the 1850 Census, Anna Lindsey Pogue says she was born in GA. Robert Pogue gives his birthplace as TN. Their children were born in MO. William A. Pogue died in Cooper County, MO. Mary M. Pogue m Eli Hardcastle and moved to Benton County, AR. Jacob L. Pogue moved to Henry County, MO. James L. Pogue died in Cooper County, MO.
> Thanks for any information you might have to share,
> Betty Collier
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